Thursday, December 21, 2006

2006 Iceman Cometh Pro Men Start

The Pro Men starting the 2006 Iceman Cometh mtn. bike race from Kalkaska, MI to Traverse City, MI.
The Simonster making a gap !

1999 Iceman

Scott winning the Iceman solo on his own personally built steel framed bicycle.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bikes and beers !

December brings on the blahs of MI weather.... One week it is 20 deg the next 50deg !?! Base miles have begun. Dark thick beers are flowing and long slow miles are being pursued. Enjoy !

Sunday, November 12, 2006

More photos !

Scott Quiring building a Team bike.....

JOBERON BREWCHAMPSKI ---with a few buddies.

SIMONSTER gettin large on stage at the Sunset on the Season party with the lead singer of the STUDIOTONE at the Union St.

Young Cross given the business to Mike.... Brian Matter looks a little to happy about that loss. The party is always lively with the Simonster on hand.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Simonster report

photos by Dan Dewitt
Iceman/season wrap-up: I would just like to say a big thanks to Bells Brewery this year for helping us have an awesome season. Thanks goes to Scott Quiring for building a super bike. And of course a thanks goes out to my wife Mitch for sacrificing our social lives for the benefit of the cause. She supports me at all the races and always has my pasta ready for me when I roll into the driveway after the long hours on the bike. She takes care of everything and really makes it possible for me have the time I need to train and rest. The Iceman was my first bike race 7 years ago, and I've been on a quest to win it since. The race is legendary and it's a huge honor to have my name on the winners list. It's always a strong field and due to the high speed and short length, it requires a little bit of luck to win. I actually crashed on the same exact stump Brian crashed on in the warm up and I thought to myself," someones going to hit that thing in the race and stack it up." So I made sure I was on the front going into that section. After that, I just got the big wheels rolling and the rest was history. I definately felt it in the end how hard I had gone in the beginning. If it had been another five miles longer, I'm not sure I would have pulled it off. Tristan and Brian were both riding strong and are tough competitors as always.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Simonster Crushes the Iceman

Jason Lummis Rolling in for 9th Place Pro/Semi-Pro

Mike Simonson coming in for the Win !!!!!!!!!
photo b y Bryan Mitchell

Mike Simonson wins the 17th running of the Iceman Cometh MTB race. The final stop in the Midwests Triple Crown point to point races. Mike won 2 of the 3 events this year, missing out on the hat trick. John Meyers won his age group, Jason Lummis 9th Pro/semi and Joberon 24th pro/. The team would like to thank BELLS BREWERY for another great season and a Awsome Sunset on the Season Party at the Union St. Scott Quiring of Quirng Cycles for His awsome support (Brad Emmett won the Qball frame and fork). Oakley eyewear kept the eyes open and clean at every event. Adidas cycling for keeping our feet in the best shoes available.

Monday, October 30, 2006

SUNSET on the SEASON - The Year of the BIG WHEELS

The 4th Annual
Iceman Post-Race Party
WHEN: Saturday, November 4 8:30 p.m.
(Immediately following the awards banquet)
WHERE: Union Street Station
117 South Union Street, Traverse City
Phone: 231.941.1930
WHAT: Party to celebrate the end of the mountain bike race season
with plenty of Bell’s Beer plus………..

  • One lucky winner will receive a Quiring Cycles “Q-Ball” frame set (fork included)

  • Raffle for Team jerseys and gloves

  • First 75 people will receive Bell’s T-Shirt

  • Bells Brewery SWAG !!!!

  • Live Band: STUDIO TONES (

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's official we have a new Team Member: Zackery Evan Lummis born Sept. 27th at 4pm, Stats: 7lbs 3oz and 19" long. He is doing great and mom is recovering well. Trainning will begin soon :>). Hopefully he will have is 1st race exposure at the Iceman.  Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

Scott Quiring Sealy Tower:

All photos of Cheq are from: Posted by Picasa
Jason Lummis Up Sealy Fire Tower Climb Cheq40 Posted by Picasa
Jason Lummis Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 Posted by Picasa


The Midwest World Championships are history................ JHK pulled out the win after Doug Swanson flatted 2 miles before the finish.

Bells Brewery teammates Scott Quiring, Mike Simonson and Jason Lummis made the 11hr pilgrimage to Cable last Thursday, stopping in the Upper peninsula for a good nights sleep on the way. Arriving in cable Friday afternoon for a quick pre-ride of the final 10 miles from Sealy Fire Tower to the finish at the Telemark Resort. Everything was set for a fast and dry Chequamegon 40. Mike, Scott and Jason choose to run their 29ers rigid with the Stans No tubes sealant. It is nice to have a Big wheeled bike that weighs less than 22lbs (Mikes 21, Scott 20 and Jason 21.5lbs).
Saturday morning was perfect, a little overcast and warm still. We pre-rode the starting 5 miles and headed back for the start line. Mike and Scott where right in the front and Jason a few rows back, no biggie since they have a 2 mile controlled start. The start was same ole surging and swaying and surging as per usual. Jason Found himself on the left side of the road and being pushed into the ditch a few times. Not wanting to be on the left Jason launched off the front to move over to the right, bad timing as this was a hundred yards from the real start of the race Rosies field. The pack swallowed him whole and held on for dear life across the hay field (Rosies). Onto the the Burkie ski trail the racers where strung out for miles. Mike Simonson was right there in the top 5 feeling the tempo and 4 miles into the Birkie Mike hit a rock and bent is rim. Game over no air left and the rim kept puncturing his tube. Mean while Scott Quiring was plugging away just ahead of Jason Lummis. Scott has been recovering from leg muscle problems and working a lot producing custom bikes and Q Ball frames. Jason Lummis was feeling a little better after the pain of Rosies and started moving up thru the field, never quite seeing Scott. Scott and Jason rolled thru the trails on their 29ers passing many and getting passed by a few, but still never knew they where just a hill apart. Scott finished 22 overall and Jason 27.......... And we had a few Bells Oberon's to celebrate. The Simonster was bummed, but hey you win some and then the rest are just life lessons to build on.


Next race Addison oaks (MMBA cps) John Meyers has the series overall just about locked up.....
Summer is over Oberon is on hold till next year, Two Hearted is out and the flavor is great.... Bring on the Best Browns and Double Cream Stouts the leaves are changing in the U.P.

Beers to you all for having a great summer and a better fall and winter.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NORBA finale----- Stony Creek XC

This past sun day was the final NORBA race of the year for Michigan MTB race scene. Mike Simonster needed a win to pull out the series overall. Mike did not disappoint his team and fans. Rolling to an easy win Mike finished 1st in the series followed by Christian Tanguy, Greg Kuhn, Jason Lummis and Robert Herriman for the top 8 in the Pro/Semi-pro class (Elite).

The course was a mix of 2 track and single track for about a 6.5 mile loop of which the Elites did 5. Mike controlled the race from the start riding his Quiring rigid with Krysiriums and Cross tires. Jason Lummis battled teammates Greg and Robert for all 5 laps and finished just short of the 2 in 5th. Giving the podium a Bells Brewery and American Cycle & Fitness top 5.

Thank you to Robert Linden of Tailwind for promoting another season of great races. To all the teams and racers that made each race a fun event, keep training and racing. Michigan does have a MTB race scene and we do have great races, come out and enjoy.

NEXT race Chequamegon ---- The Simonster goes up against the Midwests best + JHK and a few other top national pros..................

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fort Custer TT and TT series final race

Fort Custer State rec area was the venue for Tailwinds Time Trial series. That saturday night it rained and continued to rain until a few hours before the start of the 10am Elite. The race was slippery and wet for most Elite and Experts and dried as the sun came out to play for the Sport/Begginers.
Jason Lummis took the win besting a nice sized Elite field. John Meyers 3rd, Scott Quiring 5th and Joberon 6th. Nice job guys way to keep the winning/podium spots run alive.
Series Overall had Mike Simonson in 2nd with Jason Lummis and John Meyers tying for 3rd.

The team then headed over to Bells Brewery in near by Kalamazoo to refuel and celebrate another great weekend of racing. The bar staff is always friendly and the food is great ! The beverages speak for themselves and there is always a few beers on tap that are not available in stores.

Next race Stony Creek XC, MI NORBA final race. the Simonster needs 1 more win for the overall, while Jason Lummis is in a tight fight for 3rd.................... Then off to Chequamegon

Happy Trails

Friday, August 25, 2006


The 2nd to last MI NORBA race here in MI found us in Waterford at the infamous Pontiac Lake Rec Area. A 10 mile single track XC race course that is fast and technical (because of the speeds). The home of the Simonster, as he is undefeated at the course in any format (TT,XC). The whole shot was allowed (by Simonster) to be taken by Crispy and the race was off with about 19 racers in the Elite field. Crispy held the lead for about 2 miles when Simonster and Tanguy slipped by him on the trail. Leaving Jason Lummis and Joberon sitting behind Crispy, while the rest of the field became real unhappy with the situation. Crispy had enough of the front and pulled it over, which left Lummis to set pace. Jason rode alone for a few miles until Joberon came flying up to set tempo. By the end of the 1st lap Simonster was leading followed by Tanguy, then Joberon, Lummis and Tanguy's 2 teammates Kuhn and Herriman. This continued for the last 2 laps of 3, until Jason popped and Joberon and Herriman took it to the line for a 3rd place Finish by Joe Brzuchanski, Herriman 4th, Kuhn 5thand Lummis dropped to 7th.
Joberon Checks in with his race report below:


Racing continued this past Sunday at my "home" course Pontiac Lake. It was the7th race of 8 in the Tailwind NORBA Series. After missing the PLRA TT due to injury and two blowouts last week at Ore to Shore I was really hoping to do well.

Not only was I hoping to do well, I HAD to do well. I had promised to race hard and that every pedal stroke would be in honor of Jim Brehmer. The brother of my co-worker and friend Bill Brehmer had been killed in a motorcycle accident one week earlier. Jim was a big fan of anything with two wheels. Including the wonderful sport of Mountain Biking.

I was hoping to go hard right from the start. Things didn't go my way until a couple miles into the trail. Once I managed to get around some traffic it was time to go to work. The Simonster and The Flying Frenchman were already way up on us. After a couple miles of hard pedaling I looked back to see Jason L.,Robert H. and Greg Kuhncappi. The four of us hammered along until midway throughthe 3rd lap when we spotted a beautiful damsel in distress. My girlfriend Erin was standing trailside and looked very shaken up. I hit the skids almost taking out my teammate Jason(Sorry). I stopped to see if she was OK and in a very convincing tone she said she was fine and to keep going. I quickly hopped back on my bike and worked my way back up to Jason and Greg. Robert has formed a pretty good gap and was out of sight. I caught my breath, went around J-Lum andKuhncappi and bridged up to the Robert. I couldn't believe I caught him. We battled until the end where I managed to get around Robert at the line for my best Elite finish, 3rd place. It was bittersweet feeling as Erin was banged up pretty good and had to go to the hospital. Thankfully she walked out of there with only a broken wrist.

Jim, his bro Bill and the entire Brehmer family had been on my mind all week. All the way up to that start line. I thought to myself how great it would be to have Jim back for some laps at PLRA. He was there. And he helped carry me to my best Elite finish to date. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim and his family.

I would like to give a special thanks to the folks that helped Erin and the other injured rider(s) Sunday. Get well soon Erin and Co.
Thanks for reading.
James Thomas Brehmer

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Simonster in front of his winning ride holding the winners trophy and $$. Here is a link to a short video taken by Jan Mack at the awards:
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I looked over to my team mate Joberon and said "This is it, We are supposed to feel the best we have felt all year, RIGHT NOW." It was the morning of the Ore to Shore MTB race in Marquette MI and we were out doing our casual warm up for the 48 mile suffer fest against some of the best bike riders in the Midwest. We got lined up for the start as we all listened to this crazy guy singing songs. All I could hear was him screaming, (Queens) Bicycle! Bicycle over and over again and I caught one of Jason Lummis' smart ass remarks out of my right ear "Hey, it's Simonster after 6 beers." Then, 54321 we were off. Doug Swanson took the whole shot and began a relentless attack right off the start. It pretty much stayed together on the pavement except for a couple of surges from the tandem and Swanson. We made our way onto the dirt and veered over next to the railroad tracks where the tandem decided to take the smooth line right up next to the tracks. My team mate John Meyers and I stayed on the bumpy grass and sure enough, we ended up right on the front of the race. I came to the front and lead the race over the first little undulation and towed everyone to the base of the luge run climb. I put it down pretty hard up the first little section and carried it all the way to the top. I looked back and Swanson was the only one who stayed with me. We were together for another few hundred yards where we got to another bumpy loose hill. I gave it one more hard effort and Swanson had popped off my wheel. From that point on I knew I had to dig in and open up the gap as far as possible. I wound out my 44-11 and hit 30 MPH on a few of the early flat sections in my best time trial position. Before I knew it, I was out of sight. I had no idea how big the gap was until about half way through when I ran to the top of Misery Hill. I looked back and didn't see anyone! At that point I knew I just had to keep the pace up and avoid mechanicals and I would roll in for the win. I was so excited and full of emotions when I saw my wife Mitch out on the course, I almost screwed up the bottle hand up at mile 27. I downed the entire bottle and kept cranking on my way to the win. It was nice to be able to slow down near the finish and enjoy the moment. The Quiring 29er performed incredibly, as it should have, seeing as Scott designed the bike specifically for winning the Ore to Shore. I ran a rigid Q stick cromo fork along with a couple of other trick parts  and got the weight down to 20 lbs. 29er frame and wheel/tire technology has come so far in the past year it's a noticeable difference. I would aslo like to thank the o2s race committe for putting on another great event and the Marquette county residents for supporting the race and racers the whole weekend. The awards where great and the people even greater.


Click here for race story from local paper > MINING JOURNAL

The Simonster dominates the O2S mountain bike Epic..... 50 miles of off road XC point to point racing. Mike Simonson wins by 4+ minutes against a very strong field including past winner, Brian Matter (the only winner of the Triple Crown, O2S, Chequamegon and Iceman). Mike soloed from about mile 5 to hold off all chasers for the 48 mile race. Riding his team Quiring Ti 29er frame with a custom team steel rigid fork Mike attacked the race the whole way not letting up till he crossed the line #1. Jason Lummis followed in at 18th also riding his Steel 29er rigid. John Meyers, Scott Quiring and Joberon Brewchampski all had mechanical flats and or crashes and or both and finished the race with their heads up. Mechanical problems where all over this course as almost 2000 racers hit the dirt at full speed. A special thanks goes out to Kelly the Oakley rep who hooked us up with pairs of Hincape special Oakley racing glasses with a transition lens that are incredible. Changing conditions from sun to shade usually cause shadow problems or eye adjustment issues. Not with the transition lens, it changed just as fast and the styling kept our eyes free from the rampant dust from the dry course. THANKS OAKLEY !!!!!! The Adidas cycling shorts also helped Mike win the race with the plush yet comfortable padding. BELLS BREWERY OBERONS flew down after the dry race as team members awaited the awards show, tasty summer brew after a tasty dry summer race Perfect...... Next race PLRA XC (MI NORBA) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Simonster, Joberon and Jason Lummis attended the Big M XC race in Wellston MI at the Manistee National Forest. With 10+ starters in the Elite field The Simonster took start and never looked back. Joberon and Lummis hung for most the race in the 6th and 7th spots riding and chatting about how cool it would be to be as fast as the Monster. NEXT RACE IS ORE to SHORE . Simonster report below:

Finally we got a break from the ridiculous hot weather we have had this summer and it was just in time for the Big M XC race, a perfect tune-up race for the Ore to Shore next weekend. The course was right up my alley with long straight sections followed by long gradual climbs. I can't ever really remember even using my brakes all that much. Robert started the race, and I found myself getting clipped right in while getting the whole shot. I was trying out a new pair of super light 29er tires from Stans called The Crow and they proved to be the hot ticket for the conditions. I just put it down as hard as I could off the start and found myself all alone after about half a lap. I could see Christian Tanguy lingering behind, but he lost contact by the end of the first lap. From then on, my lead grew each lap and I rolled in on lap 5 with the 8th win of the season.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

JOBERON's weekend in review--------

( photo star

Like Simonster I rolled with "The Double" race weekend. Same races except I was in the CAT3 group at the Maillot Jaune event. My second road race of the year. Besides some of the pavement being in tatters I have to say it was a great venue. The announcer was even speaking French for this very international crowd. Michigan, Ohio and...Ontario:) Like Mike, I was the only Bells Brew/Quiring Cycle rider in my group. I was hoping Lummis would join me in some road racing shenanigans but he and his lovely wife were at breast feeding training. Stay tuned for his report on that. I tried my hardest to get a breakaway brewing for most of the race. On the last lap I put a gap on the group and was sailing off on a solo breakaway. After a few minutes of killing myself I thought maybe I was in luck. Well, I thought wrong. One of the teams just pegged it and reeled me right back in. Almost immediately after that a rider from the West Coast team attacked and the group started to blow apart. I lost contact with a group of 8 or so guys and was dangling a ways back with 5 or 6 others. Of course most of them were representing others up the road so it was pretty much up to me to bring em' back. Once that job was done two more riders attacked with just a few miles to go. I worked my tail off to bridge. I though we had it. I was in the front coming into town and seemed to be hurting the other two guys. Unfortunately that group of 8 guys weren't too far back from them. They got us just before the line and I ended with 8th place and a heck of a workout. Sunday I was off to the Tailwinds Stony Creek Time Trial. I had no idea how I'd be feeling after racing the previous day. I warmed up for a bit then headed over to the start line. I thought I was the last guy to take off until The Simonster rolled up behind me. GREAT!~ I took off as hard as I could and tried not to think about the vicious beast that would be boring down on my shortly. Yes, he did eventually catch me but this time it just seemed to take a tad longer. Shortly after I caught a rider that had started ahead me. Then another. Realizing I was feeling pretty good I tried to hold my pace to the finish. Then...endo. I hit a log and face planted in the mud. I popped right back up and ran the next couple of muddy, wet, log sections. With a mile or so to go I put my head down, enjoyed the nice grass section of the course and pushed on to the finish. I ended in 5th place. My best Michigan MTB result this year. I was pretty happy. And you know was all done on my super sweet pimpin' chick magnet QUIRING...TWENTY SIX INCH bike.
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Stony CreeK and Fenton Road race DBL weekend

Scott Quiring Stony Creek TT ( photo star

The Simonster takes the win and Stony Creek, flats out of Fenton RR (not before putting the hammer down from the start and making people hurt). Mike checks in below with his weekend summary !
Doing The Double race weekend always proves to be quite a challenge. This past weekend was a perfect time to do it as there was a local road race in Fenton followed by a mountain bike time trial at Stoney Creek in which my house is conveniently located smack dab in the middle of both. The road race started out good. I created a 4 man break right off the line which lasted almost the first lap. I figured with all the hills in Fenton, that a break would succeed, but that proved not to be the case. Small groups formed off the front several times in which I bridged to on almost every occasion, but the cards were just not in the deck for me. Heading into the last lap I heard the dreaded pssst, I had flatted on a section of Michigan Pave and that was the end of my race. I thought it was a great course and well worth the 35 bucks just to get some insane training miles. (. I hadn't even thought about doing the Stoney TT on Sunday. The plan was to meet up with my training buddy Robert and ride after the race. I started from my house at 9AM and thought I would take a longer route and show up at 11AM. Then I thought,.. I'll go watch some of the TT. On my way in, I realized I could get there before 10AM! So I arrived exactly at 10, got my timing chip and basically rolled through the start tent and I was off. I ran a rigid bike with aerodynamic Kryseriums and super light 42c Ritchey CX tires. It was a bit bumpy, but the bike screamed on the two track and the climbs. The huge log on the last creek crossing at the end took me by surprise! Somehow I ended up on back in the muck. It was kind of a nice cool off though. Much to my amazement, I ended up winning the time trial by a scant 3 seconds! Robert rode with me back to my house and I ended up with about 3 hours on the day. Good weekend of training and preparation for the upcoming Ore to Shore, the first round of the growing Triple Crown series.
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Boyne Marathon XC (MMBA CPS)

John Meyers attended the Boyne Marathon XC this past weekend . After taking a few years off for family John Meyers returned last year to MTB racing on the Bells team. John had some great solid results for the team and himself last year. This year John has stepped it up a notch or two, finishing top 5 a most races he attends. Saturday John hit the #1 spot at the Boyne race on his Quiring 29er (rigid = no suspension). Racking up his first win of the season John looks to keep the Big wheels rolling thru out the summer as we wind up for the 1st stop of The Great Lakes Triple Crown the Ore to Shore this August.

John Meyers race report:
I finally have a victory to post for the Bells/Quiring team. The first place finish was good and solid but not trouble free. The race was held at the Boyne Mountain ski area and consisted of 4 laps of 11 1/2 miles per lap a little shorter than planned. I was able to take the hole shot from the start but ran in to some trouble at about a mile and turned of course...this occurred four times during the first lap. I had to chase and work my way back into the lead to only do the same thing going up the large paved hill. For some reason I thought we were riding the single track and nearing the top I looked over and the three races behind went by on the hill. I chased and got back on but decided to sit back and memorize the course for the second lap. During the second lap the bottom of left foot slammed into a large rock and part of my cleat broke off which created a huge problem keeping my shoe placed on my pedal. Again have troubles I decided to sit behind the rider in front because I was struggling with the left foot remaining locked in the pedal....As we entered the fourth lap I decided to put a little pressure on the rider that was leading and jumped up the first climb I was able to create a gap and with that I did not look back and rolled in with a victory for the team. Total climbing for the race was 4000 plus feet plus average heart rate was 165, total distance was 46.5 miles and a time of 3 hours and 3 hours 34 minutes. Thanks Larry Bell for the support and great beer and Scotty Q for the great frames....I think I'm about do for that new fork. This raps up four weekends for racing for me....looking for a short rest period with the ore to shore just around the corner.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

NMBS #3 Vermont

Joe Brzuchanski aka Joberon Brewchampski hit the 3rd round of the National Moutain Bike Series in Vermont. Check out Joe's weekend report below :
My first MTB race was a NORBA back in the o'l Schuss Mountain days in TraverseCity Mi. I remember having no idea what to expect as I rolled to the start line with the other beginner 19-24's. Fast forwarding 10 years to this past weekend I found myself at the 3rd stop on the NORBA circuit. Mt. Snow in the beautiful state of Vermont. After a couple of course test laps guided by the super talented Kelli Emmett(Ford Cycling) I was starting to feel ready for the races. On Friday, after watching Justin and Pete of the Kona crew kick some butt in the Semi ProXC, I started warming up for the Expert Short Track event. Minutes later the NORBA announcers, a couple of them were pretty fun and animated I might add, started to call us up to the line. And, just as I was 10 years ago, full of nerves and knew not what to expect. The competition looked quite fierce as I rolled up about 3 or 4 rows back from the front. The 20 minute plus 3 lap racestarted very fast. I was really hoping not to get a flat like the Simonster did the week prior. My second goal was not to get lapped. I was about 10 guys back until the first little climb. From there I went on the outside and moved myself within the top 5. I was certain this wouldn't last but decided to stay put and see if I could survive a lap or two. I was waiting for mobs of guys to just start passing and attacking from behind but it didn't happen. It was the opposite. A couple guys peeled off the front and I found myself 3rd wheel. Even leading a lap or two later. After 10 minutes or so our group had formed a little gap. There were about 6 of us just hanging on for dear life until the last lap when the attack came. It was a strong move that myself and one other rider could follow. I lasted about half of a lap and ended up rolling in for 3rd and a spot on a NORBA podium. Pretty sweet! Saturday I did another lap of the XC course. This would be my 5th lap of the 8 I did all weekend. Perhaps a bit much but hey...I'm pretty sure I turned in a"vacation" request to my manager;) I loved the course but the downhills were still kickin' the crap outta me. Just ask Kelli. She dropped me on every decent out there. BAH! After my lap it was time to watch the big show. It was amazing. The pro's ripped around that course like it was rail trail leading to a friggin'cider mill. Very fun to watch. Sunday was time for my Expert XC race. Thankfully we started at 8am as it was a boiling hot day. Justin and Pete told me to be sure I was towards the front before going into the technical single track atop the first long climb. I was able to position myself in the front row on the start line. we went. I had a great Lummis style start. Clicked in quickly and was the first off the line and onto the start of the climb. I was hoping to be climbing well and makeup some time there as my downhillin' ain't pretty. I was in the front for about a minute when I started hearing the sounds of the fat tires rolling past. Not too bad though. Only about 3 or 4 guys. Ok, maybe 5. But that's it! So I was around the top 5 or 6 going into the single track. As I bobbled my way through that mess I was already getting yelled at. I let some dudes by only to catch them again on the climbs. That was pretty much the story of my race. Pass me on the downhills, I'll pass you on the climbs. I ended up hanging on for a 6th place finish. One spot away from another podium spot. BAH!I'm pretty darn happy with the trip overall. Looking back I can see I've come along way from those beginner days. In a way though, my second NORBA experience has left me feeling more like a beginner than ever. I would like to say great job to everyone from Michigan that made it out there and pushed themselves. Thanks for the cheers and support from you all and my family too. It was awesome to see some familiar faces and meet some new folks too. Thanks to the Ford Team( for letting me hang out a bit and check out the behind the scenes...scene. Joberon --
Joes pic of the Pro Womens XC start -- Kelli Emmett is on the left---
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Monday, June 19, 2006


Lumberjack 100 Michigans only 100 mile off road MTB race. The race started at 7am with temps in the high 60's and they would rise to near 90+ deg. Chris Eatough (24hr solo World Champion) lead the way thru the 4 laps of 25 miles each. The Simonster stayed on him as long as he could, until the heat and exhuastion caused Mike to leave the race early. John Meyers sitting in 3rd place for most the race was passed with a few miles to go and finished an Awsome 4th place overall. Jason Lummis rode a strong race and held 6th place until the last lap exhaustion had him traveling backwards to 9th at the finish line. John Meyers wins the tough guy award with a 2nd lap crash and with stretched shoulder liagaments and still drilling it to the end. After a few hours to rest the Bells/Quiring team finished off a few celebitory OBERONS (ok so we killed a case). Thanks to Scott Quirng for the trail side feed support and the beautiful wives that ran the show. RESULTS:
pic below: John Meyers heading for the finish line
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Jason Lummis finishing the Lumberjack 100 mile Race, 9th place overall Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bloomer XC NORBA

Sunday was the Bloomer XC race 5 laps of twisty single track. There was 16 starters in the Open class. The Bells Team took the #1 and #3 spots on the podium. Scott Quiring won easily and Jason Lummis followed in with a 3rd place finish with a 4th lap pass, Joberon finished 7th on the day. Enjoy the below pics of the race thanks go out to Tom Linning for his awsome photographs. Tom also has his own website dedicated to Bikes click his name and enjoy. Next Stop the Lumberjack 100, the Simonster, John Meyers and Jason Lummis will be tackling the 100 mile race this Saturday in the Manistee National forest..........
The Start of the Bloomer XC Posted by Picasa
Q on his way to 1st place Bloomer XC Posted by Picasa
Jason Lummis at Bloomer XC Posted by Picasa
Joberon at Bloomer XC Posted by Picasa