Thursday, August 17, 2006


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The Simonster dominates the O2S mountain bike Epic..... 50 miles of off road XC point to point racing. Mike Simonson wins by 4+ minutes against a very strong field including past winner, Brian Matter (the only winner of the Triple Crown, O2S, Chequamegon and Iceman). Mike soloed from about mile 5 to hold off all chasers for the 48 mile race. Riding his team Quiring Ti 29er frame with a custom team steel rigid fork Mike attacked the race the whole way not letting up till he crossed the line #1. Jason Lummis followed in at 18th also riding his Steel 29er rigid. John Meyers, Scott Quiring and Joberon Brewchampski all had mechanical flats and or crashes and or both and finished the race with their heads up. Mechanical problems where all over this course as almost 2000 racers hit the dirt at full speed. A special thanks goes out to Kelly the Oakley rep who hooked us up with pairs of Hincape special Oakley racing glasses with a transition lens that are incredible. Changing conditions from sun to shade usually cause shadow problems or eye adjustment issues. Not with the transition lens, it changed just as fast and the styling kept our eyes free from the rampant dust from the dry course. THANKS OAKLEY !!!!!! The Adidas cycling shorts also helped Mike win the race with the plush yet comfortable padding. BELLS BREWERY OBERONS flew down after the dry race as team members awaited the awards show, tasty summer brew after a tasty dry summer race Perfect...... Next race PLRA XC (MI NORBA) Posted by Picasa

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