Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Great Lakes Triple Crown #1: Ore to Shore

Blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes, numbers just speak stronger than words, eh?

Ore to Shore Hardrock Male Division number of participants = 571

Bell's Team Individual Stats:

Derek Prechtl:
5th place overall/1st Place Michigan rider/99th Percentile
John Meyers:
8th place overall/98th Percentile
Jim James:
22nd place overall/2nd in 40-44 Age Group/96th Percentile
Jason Lummis:
23rd place overall/1st in 30-34 Age Group/95th Percentile
Dan Kotwicki:
26th place overall/3rd in 35-39 Age Group/95th Percentile
Mike Simonson:
27th place overall/1st in 25-29 Age Group/95th Percentile

All of the finishing Bell's Team Racers got either PAID or PODIUM!

All of the finishing Bell's Team Racers were in the Top 5 Percent of Racers!


Condolences to Team Rider Tony Torrance who had to DNF due to a torn tire sidewall.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Stony Creek NORBA XC

I think everytime I race a Stony XC race it is wet, raining or just stopped. The course isn't really effected by the rain until the Pines single track. The corners are slick clay and the 1 wooden bridge is slimy slippery wet. The race started as usual with everyone off full out, heads down and hammering. A few guys tried to put it down and gap the field. There where 5 of us in the lead on the first 2 laps. Things changed and I wasn't riding smoothly, sliding in corners that I was ripping 2 laps earlier. Needless to stay 3 trees later I lost contact with the leaders and fell back to the chase 2. Couldn't find my rythm any more and just rode it home. Finishing 6th, I have 1 more MI NORBA race to make it in the top 5 overall in the FORD NORBA series. The race is at Pontiac LK (home of the Simonster), I like the course and plan on finishing in the top 5.
NEXT RACE is the ORE to SHORE ( http://www.oretoshore.com/ )...... Jason L.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The BIG "D" (M)

Derek Precthl showed good form at Sundays Big "M" NORBA MTB race. With his new wedding band on and a smile Derek went to work pushing the pace hard for the whole race. Gapping Rob Cotton (SSE) and never looking back Derek finished the 5 lap 30 mile MTB race in under 2hrs. Just a tune up for the 1st leg of the TRIPLE CROWN, the ORE to Shore in Marquette MI Aug. 20th. Back in the race Jason Lummis was battling the KONA Midwest trio of Jamie Parker, Pete Ehman and NORBA (MI) series leader Justin D. Pete finished 3rd, Justin 4th, Jamie 5th and Jason 6th. It was a tight fun race among Lummis and the Kona Kids as they all ride frequently together and no blood was shed :>) !
Add 1 more 1st place to the list of many for the BELLS BEER/ TREK MTB