Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bloomer Park XC

The Simonster hits 'em hard again at Bloomer XC (MI NORBA)----- The report from Mike is below. Mike Simonson 1st place Elite.

Bloomer Park XC Race

I woke up Sunday morning to the sounds of thunder storms and I thought to myself, “ah boy.” It rained for the whole drive to the park and then let up right when we drove in as if mother nature herself was already weeding out the men from the boys. I did a few laps around the parking lot and it was onto the start line. It was kind of a small turnout with only 7 of us Michigan elites. Robert did his usual spiel, blew his whistle, and we were off. As usual I couldn’t get my left foot clipped in so I totally blew the start. Stewy and Justin D. jumped in front of me. As soon as I got clipped in I threw down an attack. I had a little gap, but it wasn’t long before I was reeled in by Justin and Stewy. The course was slimy and all three of us in the break were having a hell of a time staying on two wheels. Stewy hung on for about the first lap, then faded going into the second, which left me and Justin D. alone to duke it out for the win. He attacked in the second lap on the switchback downhill and got a nice gap on me, but I was able to nail it back on the stair case climb. I let him do most of the pace making for the rest of the lap. Towards the end of the third, Justin whipped up the pace on the railroad bed. I knew right then I needed to sit on his wheel until he was done. Right when we got to the little sidestep climb in the middle of the railroad bed, I passed him and then I whipped the pace up. He held on until the sledding hill, then I attacked really hard one last time and popped him off my wheel. I continued to stretch the gap on lap four, then just went on auto pilot for the rest of lap 4 and 5 to take the win. At 2hrs 33 minutes, it was kind of long for an XC race, but it’s good to do a tough long one every once and a while.The fuel 110 rocked the house and performed flawlessly. The Bells Beer I drank after the race performed flawlessly as well, but that’s another story.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Michigan's 1st and only 100 mile off road MTB race. The Lumber Jack 100 debut in the Manistee National Forest in the Udell Hills area aka BIG M SKI area. Team Racers Jason Jones ( 14th SS 29'er Gary Fischer RIG) and Jason Lummis (5th TREK TOP FUEL) attended the race.
For the 2 weeks leading up to the race the weather in Michigan has been hot. Concerns for water during the race where on all the racers minds. Amazingly some one turned on the AC, with temps at start time (7am) in the 50's and an overcast skies the temps stayed nice and cool. The race started off with a short Paved roll out and then 100 miles of dirt and single track with about 2000ft per lap of climbing. The pace was fast and fun, with Scott Quiring (Quiring Cycles) setting the pace early. Jason L. had a couple run-ins with large groups of leaves playing in his cassette, not fun and cost him some time getting the leaves to go home. He chased back on twice to the leaders and after 3rd leaf attack caught on to Robert Herriman and Nate Versluis. They rode most of the first lap together, until the start/finish area. At this point there was a feed zone, Robert and Nate stopped for water/food. Jason L.'s beautiful wife was there to hand up his feed. This was key, as Jason L. didn't stop and gaped the 2 riders instantly. Jason L. Then rode the last 75 miles basically solo in a time of 7hrs 57 minutes for 5th place geared and 7th overall. SCOTT QUIRING (Quiring Cycles) won with a time of 7 hrs 28 minutes. Bernie Grysen (Alger) was second around 7minutes back. Russ Tiles 3rd.. Scotty ( I love myself) Chambers (Alger) rolled in a happy 4th. Followed quickly by the MICHIGAN SS CHAMPION 5th place overall riding a rigid SS pushing something like a 40/17 DAN JANSEN ( Algers). Skip Brown (Seven SS) was 6th followed By Jason L. for 7th >>>>>>> All these racers finished under 8hrs. Jason Jones rode his Gary Fischer 29'er RIG to a 14th place SS finish..
The catered food and Alger beer ( Sorry Algers but the BELLS boys travel with only the best, we brought some BELLS PALE ALE and CHERRY ALE) where a compliment to a great race. thank you Rick Plite (http://www.kisscross.com/ ) for this excellent event--- See ya Next year !!!

Keweenaw Chain Drive Festival

Tony Torrance made the journey from Madison Wisc. to Houghton MI for this great race. Here is what Tony had to say about the race. Tony placed 3rd overall in the Open class. Keweenaw Chain Drive Festival
The course was point to point. A lot of climbing. It was probably the best race course I’ve ridden. It had everything from tight single track to scream’n down hills to water crossings. Started in Houghton with a police escort that went over the bridge into Hancock and then the race went up into the hills. 32 miles in the sun. It was like 85 and sunny. It was actually pretty nice.. I race a prototype TREK FUEL race bike and blew out the new Manitou fork. My cassette came loose and was only held on by the quick release. It didn’t slow me down though! : )

Monday, June 13, 2005

Whiskey Creek MTB Stage Race Breaking News

Word is in that Bell's Team member Jason Lummis had an excellent showing in the tough Whiskey Creek MTB Stage Race near Manistee, Michigan. The weekend event consists of three stages -- a time trial race, a short course race, and a cross-country mountain bike race. Lummis represented the Team well by taking 5th in the overall final general classification in the Pro/Elite class.

Now, he'll need plenty of recovery this week before the brutal Lumberjack 100 next Saturday.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bell's J&J Take Up Interdisciplinary Studies

Taking a break from the mountain bike racing grind, Bell's Team members Jim James and Jason Aric Jones took up at little interdisciplinary athletic study on Sunday, participating in the 20th Annual Ann Arbor Triathlon & Duathlon held at Half Moon Lake in Dexter, Michigan.

James chose to "tri" it, particpating in the event for the first time in over ten years. Jones chose to "du" it, participating in his first on-road duathlon. Both were good students, ending up at the top of their respective classes, with James taking victory in the Men's Tri 40-44 age group and Jones winning the Men's Du 35-39 year old class.

Their key to victory? Well, here is a surprise -- their biking didn't hurt them. James had one of the top overall tri bike times, averaging 23.5 mph over the 14 mile course, while Jones had the fourth best bike split overall in the du, averaging 22.1 mph.

Both plan to do more interdisciplinary studying in a couple weeks at the Torn Shirt Xterra Tri/Du, and they should be in even more of a comfort zone at that race, as the bike leg is all off-road.

Next week: Lummis and Jones Tackle the 100 mile mountain bike Saturday at the Inagural Lumberjack 100 held in Michigan's Huron-Manistee National Forest.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Hot day at Hanson Hills

Sunday June 5th was a hot day to race in Upper/lower Michigan. Temps reached 85+ deg by then end of the 3 lap 28.5 mile race. Hanson Hills is a great course and this years new trail made it even better. With the unfair advantage of racing our TREK TOP FUEL's , The BELLS Team showed well today in the heat. TC resident Derek Prechtl finished a strong second place to a FIT Rob Cotton. Rob has been doing great in the NORBA Pro class and one of the nicest racers in the field. Jason Lummis finished 5th and John Meyers followed him in with a 6th place finish. Dan K. pulled off the win in the 30-39 Expert class. Riding solo for most the race. Dan was the man today, even more amazing is that he works Saturday Nights at the Necto ( a club/bar) in Ann Arbor MI. He gets a few hours sleep as he is driven to the race. Mad man Dan K.....
Next race Whiskey Creek Stage race (MI local NORBA race) on June 11-12th.