Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bloomer XC NORBA

Sunday was the Bloomer XC race 5 laps of twisty single track. There was 16 starters in the Open class. The Bells Team took the #1 and #3 spots on the podium. Scott Quiring won easily and Jason Lummis followed in with a 3rd place finish with a 4th lap pass, Joberon finished 7th on the day. Enjoy the below pics of the race thanks go out to Tom Linning for his awsome photographs. Tom also has his own website dedicated to Bikes click his name and enjoy. Next Stop the Lumberjack 100, the Simonster, John Meyers and Jason Lummis will be tackling the 100 mile race this Saturday in the Manistee National forest..........

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Jason said...

Good luck to you all at the Lumberjack. I just did the Mohican 100 a couple weeks ago. I thought of doing up the Lumberjack but am opting for a 24 Solo instead.

Love the concept of your team with the Brewery. Been trying to hit up some of the local breweries here in the Pittsburg area for a sponsorship, but most just aren't into the idea of cycling team.
May use your team as an exaple in presenting the idea. Have any info on how your team works as far as the sponsorship with the brewery? If you feel like sharing my email is jmahokey@tribweb.com thanks!

Dig the Quiring 29ers too. I'm riding the Salsa Dos Niner and am looking into the idea of a TI HT (yes I've been in contact with Quiring)
See what 07'f funds look like.

Take care and good luck!