Monday, December 10, 2007

Raffle winners

We had over 100 post cards sent in. Mostly from the home state fans and a few out of staters as well. Only 2 disqualified Non post cards where sent in. The Hell Riders delivered the winners: Jersey will be sent out this week !

Large LS jersey: Jim Hills of Traverse City MI

Medium LS jersey: Michael Seamen of Mt. Pleasant MI

Medium SS jersey: Jeff Bonsalli (sp) of Lincoln Nebraska

Small ss jersey: The Jode of Commerce MI

Congrats all --- jerseys are on the way this week !

Stay tuned as we announce the 2008 Team and have a preview of the 2008 jersey design !

Until then keep the Big wheels turning and just a reminder Hopslam comes out in January !

Check out the Bells Brewery website as they have reworked the whole site and it is really great. The General Store has been moved to the front of the Eccentric Cafe complex and is really cool with the walk in coolers.

Now onto base miles and suffering through another MI winter. It is never too cold to ride, layers and wind/rain blockers are the key. Keep a log of what works at what temperatures for quick references or reminders on what to or not wear.

Beers to another great year !

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Michigan CX State Championships --- 2 Gold Medals

John Meyers and Jason Lummis raced the Masters 35+ at the State CX Championships.
John won the Masters race as well has the State title for the 40-44 yr olds and Jason Lummis finished 2nd behind John in the race, won the 35-39 yr old State Title and finished 3rd in the Tailwinds USAC CX series Master 35+....

Check out the State Championships video by Mashers Media:

Photos :

Thursday, November 15, 2007


DUE to Manager error:

The jerseys never made it to the Sunset on the season Party after Iceman


4 Bells Brewey/ Quiring Cycles Team jerseys

2 short sleeve (sizes small and medium)

2 long sleeve (sizes medium and large)

shipping is free to US residents (please be prepared to pay shipping if outside US). The above sizes and styles are all that are available. No whinning or crying about it -- These are FREE. If you want choices go to and buy the size you need.

Here is what you have to do to enter the raffle:

Send a post card (something from your area or region) No letters

Include name -address (ship to) and phone # with

Size of jersey needed (first picked gets 1st size, sorry NO XL or bigger).

We have intrusted the raffle to a local biker gang for fairness and security reasons :>).

so please address all Post cards to:


PO BOX 666

HELL MI 48169

Entries must be post marked by 12/01/2007 and the drawing will be 12/10/2007. All rules and regulations will be enforced by the HRMTBC and their affiliates.
any questions post a comment !

Sunday, November 11, 2007


The Simonster going for 2nd ----JHK not making the sprint !1. Brian Matter won !
2.Simonster--- Bells
4.Tristan Schouten
5.Jesse Lalonde
6.Ned Overend
7.Marko Lalonde
8.Mike Anderson
9.Jason Lummis --- Bells
10.Dan Jansen (yeah Dan won the sprint for 10th, results show him 11th though)
19. Joberon Beerchampski --- Bells

John Meyers won his Expert age group just beating out Franky Andreau !


Mashers Media:



Jason Lummis used his garmin GPS for the race ! see below ( Sorry about the links for some reason I can not cut and paste the embedding links)

You can put this GPS info into motion below :

Joe L. from ( posted some great videos on you tube: -Start - 1st road crossing - Williamsburg - Williamsburg - Finish

RACE Reports: Pics from Biscuit


Well, wrapped up another season.
2007 felt like somewhat of a building year. Did a lot of new "out of state" races, visited some really cool courses, and met a lot of new really cool people who share the same passion. With Mitch finishing up her masters and Ingersoll Rands' generous engineering budget, it's nice to finally have some extra cash to get out and travel whenever I want, even though it's my own hard earned cash. Throw in the support from Bells, Quiring, and Stans, and you can almost manage a full pro US season. Had a lot of fun, and some not so fun times, but it's all worth it in the end. Got a chance to tangle with the top pro's all the way from Maryland to California and I learned a lot about myself and what I need to do to prepare for another succesful season. There's no better way to end the season than with the Iceman. This year was a tough field as almost all of the Midwest pro's were in attendance as well as some hitters from Colorado. The course was the fastest I have ever seen it, and the racing action was just as fast. A few call-ups (which was a first) and a 5 sec countdown and we were off. I immediately went to the front and went to work. I jammed it a few times to pull out the contenders and our group was set. Seemed like I was never further back than 3rd the entire race and probably spent the first 15 miles pulling the train along. That's the thing with the Iceman. It gets tactical, especially when the course is so fast. Guys that sit on the back for the entire first half of the race stay fresh, while the horses up front wear themselves out. But that's road racing... I mean Iceman racing. Sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't. I was satisfied with 2nd place. No crashes, no mechanicals, and I rode a strong race. Even managed to drop an Olympian! Just gotta brush up on my road tactics. You can't always ride eveyone off your wheel, but people have been telling me that for years. Congrats to Brian for sniffing out the winning move. Thanks to everyone that came out in support of the Bells party. See you all in the Spring!

Lummis 9th place

Lummis Race Report:

29er's ---- Yep thats correct 2 9th place finishes at the Iceman cometh. Last year was a good ride with a tough field of competitors. This year added a few more pros and local Midwest hammers, the field was larger and tougher. I love this time of year the season is done every thing is shorter -- daylight, ride time and race times. CX racing short and all out, like the Iceman.

Myself, Kathy, Stout(1 of 3 dogs) and our son Zack arrived with camper trailer in tow at the finish Timber Ridge Friday afternoon. We set up camp and I took Stout out for an out and back. We covered the last 5 miles of the race course to make sure the dbl Stans No Tubes Crow tires I was planning on using would be the best choice. We came across all the Big names Matter, Schouten, JHK and ned Overend. I was happy with my tire choices because the course seemed real fast. Back to the camper hung out with the family ate some great homemade dinner. Drove over and did the number pick up around 6pm. Scott Quiring had a booth showing off some nice frames. including a 29er Tandem that was just awsome. Back to the camper for a good nights sleep and up early with my son at 7am. Hung out and watched the early finishers, The Torrance Bros finished 3rd and 5th in 30-34 expert, great job Guys.

About 10:30 my legs started twitching like a nervous dog. I tried to relax, had everything laid out ready to go. Bikes loaded, clothes, gloves and helemet. 12:30 we are off to the start, plenty of time to ease into the race. Just about to Kalkaska from timber Ridge and "SHOES" I left my shoes in the camper (enter F BomB here). Back for the shoes grab them and get back to Kalkaska 40 minutes before start time. Ride out and back for the first 3 miles( feels great), race is on, I am thinking top 15 for sure (big guns here today, locals and imports).

GO..... We are off flying and I feel calm. My buddy the farmer is next to me as we squeeze around the first corner, we hook shoulders forcing me straight to not go down. We dislodge and back on the gas as I close onto the main group that the Simonster is just killing. Dangling on the back with Ned, Marko and Cole. I needed to close the gap for the draft. JHK moved to the front which slowed it down just enough as we caught on, then Matter accelerates. Dangling again, Ned jumps across leaving me with Cole and Marko Lalonde (on a SS 29er). Cole and I take a few hard digs but not enough to dent the gap. We lose Cole and lost the groupo just before Tornado alley.

Marko and his SS--- I am telling you this kid is tough, I could not lose him on the flats, yet he would kill me on the climbs. Marko kept the momentum rolling as we sat out in the second group 2 minutes back from the leaders and 2 ahead of the 3rd group. Picked up Ross Schnell just before Williamsburgh Rd and dropped him a few miles later, those screaming crowds absolutely energize you. We picked up Mike Anderson a few miles later as I did all I could do to maintain our time gap. We finally hit the steep hill coming into the last 5 miles, kaboom I blew up. Marko jamms away and Mike is just ahead. I gave it another try and got to within 5 secs of Mike but just wasn't able to follow through. Came up the last climb into Timber Ridge loving life another top 10 and as I roll over I hear the cheers for more riders coming. I had to ride hard the last 1km as my 2 minute gap was down to 30 sec, I pulled through and even had time for a few High fives on the finish line run. My wife son where right there with a favorite buddy (Two Hearted in a bottle). It was great day and a really great ride with Marko. We just flowed through the course almost helping each other succeed without communicating it.

Joberon looking for a beer !

Lummis family Zack, Jason and Kathy.... 2 years in a row 9th Place

Williamsburg rd Crossing: Speed

John Meyers: Report

Iceman 2007 Expert 40 - 45, FIRST

The iceman 2007 weekend has come and gone with a tremendous amount of fun and memories. I was able to race early win the 40 -45 for the third straight year and then have enough time to watch my number one son Jozef race in the snow cone kids race....
The 40 - 45 expert race was extremely fast this year with the appearance Frankie Andreu formerly with the US Postal cycling team and 9 times finisher of the Tour De France. I heard a rumor that Frankie was racing but it did not dawn on me until mile 14 when a group of three of us were still together. I just thought it was so strange when this guy with mis-matched jersey, shorts, bike was so fricking strong. The disguise worked great Frankie it took 14 miles for me to figure it out. I looked over recognized a familiar face. I yelled hey Frankie and he responded. That answered who this fast guy was that I had not seen before. I thought to myself I've got 14 more miles and a few very steep hills to try and get some sort of gap. There was a group of three of us until about mile 18 when Frankie laid down a serious attack and long pull. I waited to respond wanting the third rider to chase but he did not. I jumped clear and chased for about 2 miles and bridged back to Frankie. After catching his wheel I went to the front and remained in the front for the last 8 - 10 miles. At times I thought I had dropped Frankie on the long climbs but not looking back I was not sure if he was still there. As we completed the last climb and enter the short section of single track I could feel a sprint finish approaching. As in the past the final maze and approach to the line is better served for the person in the front so I remained there. Not certain how the finish approach and turn up to the line and distance was I choose to hold a tight inside line into the turn swing wide to left and up to the line with everything I had. I popped out of my cleat as approached the line but were was Frankie? The former track racer? After we crossed the line and chatted about how much fun we just had he mentioned he as well as I had popped out of his cleat coming up the short hill finish? Thanks Frankie for the 1:41:56 of racing and fun! I will remember this race for a long time. The party was great and once again thanks to all the great sponsors! Time for a couple weeks off and some trail running. Hope to get out for the last Kisscross race or two.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The MTB season has come to an end here in the Midwest. The grand finale is coming in 2 weeks at the Iceman Cometh. Can the Simonster repeat? The Wisco cheese heads will be coming in force (Matter,Schouten, the Lalonde sisters) and even NORBA starts JHK, Rad Ross Schnell and the old man Ned Overend are giving the Iceman a go.

The Simonster has been on a strict diet of bio-diesel and 26" wheels bringing his racing form to a ultimate high. Come down to Ann Arbor this weekend for a quick preview of the human power plant at the Tailwind DBL CX weekend.

Flyer link below:

SUNSET on the Season Annual Bells Party at the Union in Traverse City Michigan following the Iceman awards !

Kiss Cross #5

brief race report from sunday from John Meyers

KissCross #5, Jenison, Michigan. 7th - A's

The West Side CX Race Scene!
The Kisscross race #5 at GrandRiver Park in Jenison was Speed racer fast with lots of priority green in and around the front of the race.... The start was on a dirt road head north with 5 lined up wide. The speedy Steve Howard darted crazy fast off the line grabbing the holeshot and I was able jump into second. Not wanting to dig to deep this weekend and reserve something for the iceman I was looking for a few wheels to jump onto so 3rd place was great position behind Graham Howard leading up and over the first barrier and run-up. First mistake both Graham and myself blew our the half way point on the steep hill. The next few laps became a leap frog of a few riders and somehow Russ whom I had passed and thought was going backwards blown from the Priority Health pace of the first few laps eventually work his way past me and jumped back into the chase group and would eventually finish second? Great job Russ way to dig deep and nice to warm down and chat together. I blew one more remount on the 5th lap up the steep hill just as I was making contact to chase group. I eventually backed it down and rode out the last three laps of eight by myself. Stay somewhat comfortable but not red lining it like the first five laps. So are the Howard brothers showing this weekend for the Iceman? Rumor has it that they are going to show up? Looking forward to the iceman this weekend.....I remember clear back ten years ago racing for Boure' and finishing 3rd behind Tinker and Scotty Q. Those were the days. My bet is on my teammate biodiesel Simonson! Hey Mike I am looking forward the wind up at the Sunset Party with a late night drum session, Joe your sweet guitar moves and dancing, and Jason can you chauffeur the team around in the PT cruiser after the Party!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vets Park CX DBL race weekend

This past weekend in Ann Arbor Tailwinds put on a 2 day Cyclocross race at Vets Park aka "The Devils Soup Bowl".

Saturday had Jason Lummis racing masters 35+ and the Simonster/ Joberon duo in the Big Show the "A" race. Jason finished 5th, Mike finished 4th after battling out the 1 hour contest to succumb to some bike issues on the last lap and Joberon ragged the race after having to go back to the car after 2 laps to air up the skinnies.

Sunday had Jason Lummis as the only Bells rider to make it for the race. Jason did a little better and finished 3rd.

Lummis report:

Wow what a great weekend in SE MI. I decided to do the CX race on saturday to get a hard effort in before the Iceman the following weekend. Ann Arbor Vets Park is about 17 miles from my house, so I commuted to the race. This turned out to be a good idea as I was warmed before getting the Masters 35+ race (45 minutes of CX racing). I was having troubles getting my number pinned on before the race and looked over at the start and eveyone was lined up. I rushed over and was a the back of the start and we where off. The first few laps where tuff to move up on, but I finaly made it near the front as we hit a short hill that everyone was stalling on. I pushed my way thru and ended up hooking bars with a rider and he went down unhappily. After this a group of 5-6 us was off the front for the rest of the race. Jamie Parker a MTB racer buddy was out having fun as well. I attacked a few times and tried to get Jamie off the front to make the regular CX guys work some more. Going into the last lap I was on the front pushing hard and on the 1st set of barriers I over jumped my saddle and almost went down. A small gapped formed to the leading 3 and I missed the gap as the rider in front of me absolutley blocked me and died. I battled with B Mitchell the rest of the last lap and he got me a an inch in the end. The Two Wheel Tango guys had some local brew from Dexters Jolly Pumpkin and drank a few on the run up hill and yelled at the A racers. Fun day and I was going to come back for Sunday for sure. Luckily my and son came down to Ann Arbot and I was able to get my bike in the car with all the groceries.
Sunday I figured would be better I had a grasp on who to watch and I was off for the commute to Ann Arbor again. This worked again as I was feeling nice and warmed up before the race again. I didn't miss the line up and was second row. Don Cameron was racing masters with us today and he has one huge motor on a very lite bike. Off we went and Don was gone. I sat in 6th wheel watching him put 30 secs on us before a half lap was done (Don go back to the A's). The course was backwards this time and as we hit a small climb everyone accelerated shreadding the field. Thru the run up barriers and up the hill Simon Bailey attacked and I wasn't going to get gapped from the front this time, I made the jump. We had 15 secs over the next 2 chasers and I kept the power on to maintain the gap. Except every time up the steep hill Simon continually attacked and I would respond and he would slow and I would pull us around until the hill again (note to self no free ride for Simon anymore). Last lap we have the gap Don is winning easily and Simon gaps me over the climb and I don't respond. Iceman this weekend then 2 more CX races in the Tailwind series.

Photos by Matt McCluskey:

I am running Stans Ztr rims, tubeless with IRC mythos 42c CX tires. They rolled well, cornered awsome and at 28 psi where comfy. The Oakleys are untouchable in performance.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

DBL Weekend !

Double - Race Weekend!Peak to Peak, Crystal Mountain, Thompsonsville, Mi. Saturday October 20th. elite 4th Place It's had been since 1994 since i last raced at crystal mtn. the race was cancelled after that year by management. I remember that race clearly because that was my first elite race win! I had high hopes of repeating the 1994 win but that all changed during the first lap of the 33 mile race. About half way into the first lap sitting in second place and eventually missing a turn and continuing for what seemed like a mile to a deadend with the bulk of the elite field following I realized that the few that had yeld wrong turn were correct! The next 2 1/2 of laps were full tilt chase mode to see just whom had not made the same mistake. Several riders were passed but it seemed so confussing not really knowing who was still up front. There were three to four of us for most of these last 2 laps with a little work from one rider Dan Jansen at the flat road section and part of the two track start. I eventually became frustrated in the last climb as Danjumped past me just as we hit the false flat at the top of the final ski hill climb. I desended and chased but could not regain his wheel. Not knowing were I was at the finish thinking possibly SECOND but only to find out that I was FOURTH. A tad bit confused and frustrated! The race director did his best to communicate and discuss this problem and will be comping a free entry to next years race. It was nice to return to such a great venue and ride on a trail that has not been beat down.....overridden and pre-ridden to death. Long live riding a race course that is not broken in and only ridden the day of with out an advantage for pre-riding. So what's up with all the pre-riding of the sooooo techinical iceman course???? Again and Again! Leave it alone! I remember the days when the moto ripped thru for the very first time with the leaders following. No lines, leaves and snow still covering the entire trail. The leaders were just going for it.....knowing the lead moto was their guide for the best lines cut thru the virgin leaves on the trail to the finish line!

KissCross # 4, Cannosburg Ski Area, Grand Rapids, Mi., October 21st. 5th place "A" Two days in a row of racing? Just a little build up for the upcoming iceman race and a rest weekend following. The race started fast and furious with the speedy Steve Howard gapping us over the first climb. My legs felt a tad bit tired and I settled into third place. Going into the second lap I decided to not take the option around the stream crossing and plunged down in and was able to roll in and out no problem except for the heavy foot feeling with my water logged shoes. I created a problem and i was loosing contact with second place. Lot's of fun and craziness after the race. Watching the bike toss and enjoying the flav of the day founders IPA. Thanks again Rick great race course and sooooo inexpensive $ and brew.....I am regaining my love for the sport of Cyclocross race by race.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sarah's Showdown, Dexter MI

Jason Lummis and Joberon visited the Glovers for a fun day of CX racing, food, beer and friends (new and old). Joberon won with 7laps completed in 36 minutes, Jason was just behind for 2nd place. Fast and furious CX racing that Jeff Wienert himself might of approved of if there was a sand section (in the works for next years Showdown). Great awards from Aberdeen Bikes in Chelsea topped of the days events.

Sarah's Showdown I won! I took my first race win in years this past Sunday at the first annual Sarah's Showdown CX event. Tom Glover and his wife Lisa hosted this "race" in honor of their beautiful newborn baby girl Sarah. They were wonderful hosts and in the end left us all hoping for a 2nd annual Sarah's Showdown. After Saturdays super secret stealthy covert Sarah's Showdown CX practice ride with my super cool mega fast friend Kelli Emmett(Giant) I was charged and ready to take down my CX nemesis. Jason Lummis! "You're going down Lummis" I yelled upon arrival early Sunday atthe Glover's. Only to learn Jason hadn't arrived yet. Oh well. Mentally Iwas there! With the smell of donuts, cider, coffee, chili, beer and other various fall eats Erin and I unloaded the machines from the car.With a fierce look in our eyes we kitted up, filled water bottles,downed some Gu's and began our pre-race warm up. I could feel Jason's presence. I knew he was lurking somewhere on the course. I started my warm-up lap eager to see what Tom had created for us. To my surprise it was a full on very challenging and fun course. He combined his property along with his parents to include all types of terrain and obstacles.Including a large log that only Gary H.(Hell'S Riders) was able to bunny hop. In addition, there were some sweet single track sections, plenty of barriers, some good rips trough the landscaping and a deck run up/down.Hilarious fun. Eventually I bumped into my arch-rival. Not a word spoken. It was all business as neither of us wanted to let little Sarah down during her first attempt at race promotion. Eventually we were ordered to stage for the start. About 25 raging cyclists stepped up to the line. First the countdown then..."GO"! We were off for seven laps of action. Tom Glover himself took the hole shot followed closely by Gary,Lummis then me. We hit the first obstacle, the log, which Gary easily bunny hopped and took over the lead. Over the deck, pass the door wall and around the garage we went. Gary still keeping the pressure on. There was a bit of a gap but thankfully the course opened up allowing me to bridge. We hit the first section of (large) planks and I was nearly there. Around some trees, many tight turns and the sidewalk leading to the basement and I had reached the front. But so had Lummis. It was on!Jason and I battled it out eventually creating a nice cushion to the others. We danced. We pranced. We pedaled our way around the rugged course in hopes of victory. Then, it happened. The kinks in Jason'sarmor began to show. With each passing lap the aroma of hot chili and the site of ice cold brew was slowing the MTB specialist. In the final two laps I took full advantage of my enemies weakness and laid down avicious assault. With one to go I put it into cruise control, leaped over the last set of barriers and through the finish line. The crowd went wild. Jason was the next to come through for second. Erin rode in ashort time later to take 1st in the woman's category. Then too, the crowd went wild. Afterwards everyone enjoyed lots of great food and drink, a hayride and even a bike weigh-in. The awards ceremony was held10 feet from the cooler and included some great swag and trophies thanks to Tom and Aberdeen Bikes. I got myself my very first wool cycling jersey! I haven't taken it off since. Thanks again to the Glover's for their hospitality and putting on a great event. Thank you Kelli and family(Plymouth Orchards) for the excellent pre-race eats and cider mill tour on Saturday. Ya gotta love fall in Michigan. Don't look now, the Iceman is a comin'... Joberon

Kisscross #3 Freeemont Mi

John Meyers:

This past saturday I participated in Kisscross race series #3 up in Freemont, Michigan and placed 5th overall (podium & cash) in the "A" race. Thanks goes out to Rick Plite and the great sponsors. The post race food was great. The course was awesome. The drive up was great with a couple buddies. The 6-pack beer trade for the ride up was a great way to share part of the fall day up north.
The "A" race had an all time high number of entrants (28) racing with the first ever cash pursue for the top 7 finishers. The race consisted of 9 laps around a hilly fast course. The race started fast with a 6 man split just after the first hill climb. I was able to tuck-in and stay in the group and take the lead for the second lap until a young priority rider put a small move in just after the asphalt pull that I had taken. I had rolled to the back of the pace line and missed the three wheels that jump away. I sat in 4th or 5th for most of the race with a 10 - 12 second gap from the three leaders. Lot's of pavement and flat fast section with a crazy steep hike a bike section. I am very happy with my result and looking forward to both the peak to peak race on saturday and Kisscross #4 on sunday. Again the "q" ti 29er and the stans wheels are working flawlessly.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Stony Creek CX

Joberon and Jason Lummis attended the CX race at Stony Creek Metro park put on By Tailwind Ent. and sponsored by Paint Creek Bicycles.
Joe raced the "A" race and Jason raced in the Master 35+. Joe ended up 15th and Jason 6th for their forst cross race/practice of the year.

Joe out of the barriers:

Jason in line:

Joberon report:
Stony Creek CX I wonder if Jeff Weinert(Giant) thought there would be people swimming and laying on beach towels course side as he came up with the torturous Stony Creek CX layout. Each season I try to get a couple cross races in. They are excellent training and super intense. The last time I attended the Stony event there was snow and ice everywhere. The beach was frozen and rideable and there wasn't much post race hangin' out. Things were a tad different this time around. I had the steel Quiring 29er all laced up with some skinny cross tires and a rigid fork thanks to my buddy Keith and Paint Creek Bikes. I did a couple warm up laps and tried out the barriers. It wasn't pretty but enough to get by. I wasn't feeling too spunky but I figured most weren't due to the heat. I managed to get into the second row which resulted in a pretty good start. The bike was like a rocket on the pavement and through the first bit of grass. Up, down, left turn, right turn. BRAKES! Turn again. Up. Down. I was hovering in the top 10 when we hit the first, and only, set of barriers. Not too shabby. Then I came upon a volleyball court. What is this?! Dismount-run-jump back on. That hurt. Back on the bike I was trying to get comfortable. When suddenly, I came across another sand volleyball court. Wait! Was it the same one? This time I managed to ride through. Cool! I looked up the course and saw the leaders fading away. I also saw THE BEACH OF DOOM looming ahead. Unrideable(unless you're Christian Tanguy-American Cycle and Fitness) loose HOT sand. I made a weak attempt at running this section. Behind me I could hear guys gaining. Back onto the grass and on my bike I pedaled my way through to start lap two. Ouch! Each lap that ticked by was like another punch to the gut. About halfway through the 60 minute race I was blown. Riders would pass and I couldn't respond. I tried to find a comfortable pace so I could finish and not get injured on the barriers or rolling around on the beach. I did finish. 15th out of 20ish. Not too good. The ice cold Bell's Oberon as I crossed the line...VERY GOOD. In the end the bike was awesome, the course was super tough but sweet and the day was just perfect. A great way to officially say goodbye to summer. Thank you Robert and Tailwind, Keith and Paint Creek Bicycles for supplying us all with great racing action and superb post race recovery food and beverages. Joberon

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kisscross #2

John Meyers attended the CX race this past saturday in Lansing finishing 3rd in the A race.

KissCross #2, Adado Park, Lansing Michigan #2,

3rd. place "A" race!

This past weekend was filled with opportunities to race close to home in the Third Coast Metro Trek in Kalamazoo, KissCross in Lansing and Pando up in GrandRapids. I had this superman thought that I might be able to do all of them but settle on just one race the Kisscross #2 in Lansing. With a bad sprained ankle from the previous Sunday I changed plans from doing the Adventure race in Kalamazoo due to potential for hazardous terrain and instead settle on the cx race with limited running and dismounting. The race started very well with Don Cameron drilling for the first lap with myself and Brett Robinson in tow. Don rolled thru a couple turns and I jumped up ahead to lead a lap. During the next couple laps I sat behind but during the dismounting I was beginning to feel my ankle and that began to concern me so I began to drift off the back. Don and Brett had a close battle the entire race with Brett jump out for the win at the top of the bridge. Maybe someone has a pair of trick carbon sew-ups and dugast tires they are not using for a few weeks. I heard they are fast and light!Lot's of fun and an easy drive over and back. Thanks Rick! I am Looking forward to Freemont in two weeks! Have fun if I do not see you at Stoner Mike, Joe and Jason!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Resurrection Of the Pando XC

Joberon and Jason Lummis meet up for the ride over to GR for the Pando XC race. It was an excellent day with great temps for a short lap Ski hill race. The Elite class did 7 laps and averaged around 16.5 minutes per lap. The start of each lap had a 125' climb up the hill with the finish a top the hill.

Pando What an excellent race venue. I couldn't remember if I had raced there before. Jason and I decided Saturday we'd head out Sunday morning for some new trail action. Upon arrival I noticed a couple of familiar things, the cool little lodge and a ski hill start baby! Even after a warm up lap the only thing I could recall was the ski hill start. I believe the only other time I had been there the course set up was quite different. Not to mention it was a downpour. Not a huge Elite field but enough guns to make things interesting. With Dan Jansen(Niner) and Nate Versluis(Founders) running dinner plate sized gearing(only 1 for the Nate-man) I knew 7 challenging laps were ahead of me. GO! We were off and headed immediately up the ski hill. So cool! Crested the top and eventually made a left into the first bit of single track. I was happy to be up in the top 3. Out of the single track, down a hill, up a hill, more single track, more climbing...more climbing. There goes Nate running by me on a steep loose uphill. More fun single track, some fast open two track and, of course, more climbing. I did my best to hang with Nate and Dan. They have that place dialed and they were all business. Eventually it was just the 3 of us and I kept having to bridge after the single track. On lap 5 they started yo yo-ing me and each time they'd wick up the pace. Going into lap 6 they were cresting the ski hill and I was at the bottom. Not good. I spent lap 6 trying to regain my composure and just turn over a decent lap. The final lap went better as my legs and lungs were cooperating. I put my head down and started the chase. I saw Nate once or twice through the woods but no Dan. With a couple miles to go on an open section I shifted into a dinner plate gear and picked up the pace. Suddenly I spotted Nate sidelined sipping a beer. Kidding. His chain fell off. He must have mis-shifted or something. I kept the pace up as the blonde afro'd man yelled "Joberonnnnn". I was scared for my life. Through more single track and back onto some open two track and up the ski hill for the final time. Yup, a "mountain top" finish at Pando. I shifted into every gear searching for the something to keep the raging beer bikin' man at a safe distance. In the end I crossed just in front of "The Farmer" for 2nd place. Super Dan Jansen had a great ride and took the win. Another great day of racing and weather. By the way, I did eventually see Nate sipping a beer. I would like to dedicate my race to the family and friends of Joey Guckian. My thoughts and Prayers are with you. Joey was killed in a motorcycle accident last Thursday. Joey, I'm down here pedalin' hard for ya buddy! Thanks for reading,Joe


Joe and I arrived at Pando with plenty of time to register and pre ride the course. We both commented on how slow we felt on the pre ride. The start was straight up the 125' ski slope and with locals Dan Jansen and Nate "the Farmer" Versluis pounding the pace for the start, We headed into the 7 laps full on. Joe and I where sitting in 3rd and 4th Place with the Gietz and Kyle Stange attached as well. Some where in the 1st 2 laps we lost Kyle. The Gietz and I where finding it hard to stay with the other 3 and we faded out. Joberon kept hanging on for another lap or 2. After the 3rd lap I would see the 3 ahead on a few spots that helped keep me motivated to keep pushing. I was not spinning my way around this hilly course, I just mashed every hill
. Hoping my legs would loosen up a little. I lost count around 4 laps and had to ask everytime up the ski hill how many where left, finally someone said last lap...... Day over 4th place and a few bucks for gas $$. The course was fast and fun!
Next race Stoner Crik CX, I heard Joberon found a half barrel of Oberon for the race !

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Addison Oaks fall Classic

Joberon and Jason L. attended the Addison Oaks fall Classic this past sunday for a little XC racing. Read the race reports below: Joe finished 3rd while Jason was 4th out of 14 starters in the Elite Open field.

Bells Sandwich:


Enemy Territory

Addison Oaks was one of the first mountain bike races I competed in. Over the years it has changed so much and made huge improvements thanks to Pauly and the folks at O.C. Parks. I don't get out there often but it's always a nice late MTB season event. Pretty low pressure. Lots of guys are gearing up for CX or just knackered from a long season of racing. That's the cool thing about Addison, even if you're worn out it's still a great time. It's like a rollercoaster. Going into the event I knew Christian(American Cycle and Fit) and all the KLM lads would be the one's to watch. It's their turf and they were looking for good results. In the end the race ended up being quite the battle. One of the more exciting races of the season. It started with Christian on point leading the charge up the climb. I was about 3rd or 4th wheel. We rounded a bend and a hurried expert rider was flying down the hill back towards the start. Obviously his warm up took longer than expected. Thankfully all riders avoided him and we were able to continue. Wow! Then, moments later, we crested the top of the climb and a CAR was driving across our path. Crazy! Must have been a park employee or something. Thankfully we all avoided incident there too. We eventually made it into the sweet single track. That's when both Christian and Chris of KLM started to gap the group. They were flying through the twisty stuff and I was left to chase. With two other KLM guys and my teammate Jason in town I was working to bring back the leaders. Eventually I started getting close to Chris and Christian was, as expected, out of sight. I would bring Chris back on the open sections then he would gap me in the single..trail. We reached the start/finish area for lap 2 of 5 and I had gotten back to Chris. Myself, Chris, Jason B., Greg of KLM and, thankfully, my teammate Jason. Off we went. The 3 KLM riders kept hitting us and making us work the entire race. It was hard work but good fun. Especially as I was able to bridge each time an attack was made. Going into lap 4 my teammate Jason attacked going up the start climb. I was off the back as I had just grabbed a water bottle. As I rode back to the guys I could see Jason B. struggling a bit. Chris was gone and Greg was looking good on my teammates wheel. Eventually Greg attacked and I grabbed his wheel as the others faded. He kept the pace high through the tight stuff and I started to lose him. Going into the final lap Greg was about 15 seconds up. Atop the start climb I saw dust in the air and new I was gaining. Eventually I realed him in and was ready for the fight for the 2nd spot. The trail opened up to two track and I went to the front. Made a left onto a climb and I hit the gas in what was to be an attempt to shake Greg. Well, I shook him alright. With my head down and no real visible courses markings I blew right by a turn and went the wrong way. Thanks to Greg for yelling. I turned around and tried to chase again. BLAHHH. I was getting tired. I ended up slowing again at another intersection as I was worried I'd made another mistake. With only a couple miles to chase back Greg was out of sight. Damn! I was riding over my head through some tight single track and clobbered my shoulder on a tree. At that point I put it in cruise control and rode in for the 3rd spot. It was a great race. I felt great. I'm just bummed I couldn't have raced it out till the end. The fun was cut a bit short. Oh well. Great ride everybody!

Jason L.:

Father/ son and son day. My Dad and my son went to the race with me today and then we headed over to the UCI CX race to yell at the Crossers.

I haven't been to Addison "joke" as we used to call since 2001, it's not a joke anymore. Pauly sure has taken care of the place and I only recognized the start finish area as we headed out for 5 laps with no pre ride..... Fast open slightly down hill start and we where off dodging a racer going backwards and a mini van up the first Hill. I guess that's what ya get at a Oakland County race. The KLM crew was trying to control things as Goddard was off behind Christian. I was trying to memorize the trail and hang on to Joberons pace, it seemed that they needed a little better markings as the course popped in out of single track and 2 tracks. Joberon brought all back together by the end of the 2nd lap. I was still trying figure out the trail, with the KLM crew knowing the single track well it was a tough day holding pace thru the tight stuff. I think I clipped a pedal on every lap. Going into lap four Goddard was looking hurt and his Teammate Jason was taking it easy on the flats, so I attacked to see what was going to happen with 2 of the 3 KLM guys knowing Kuhncappi was feeling pretty good. I eased up a little and Kuhn came around and I gave him another attack and he came around again with Joberon and we hit the single track again. Goddard and Jason B. came back as well, so I just slowed down and let Joe and Kuhn fight it out. I am not sure if the other 2 saw what happened but we lost Goddard. Final lap Jason vs Jason I set pace for awhile until; Jason came thru and I could see he was losing power and Joberon/Kuhn where gone. I waited till the last wide open long dirt 2 track before the start finish turn and jumped--- looked over at Jason and new I had it, I had about 100yds before the final corner---- take the inside of the corner to the outside and sprint about 150ft to the line for 4th.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kisscross #1

John Meyers:

I participated in my first cyclocross race this past weekend in GrandRapids at Highland park and took First place for the team. I was a bit concerned about my mounting and dismounting skills since it had been a while since my last cyclocross race which was the famous SuperCup race series in 1999. It was held in downtown chicago.
This past weekend was awesome and it felt great to get back into a fun and challenging. A great course was prepared by Rick Plite (Mr. Lumberjack and Kisscross) and crew. The "A" race was a ten lap race for the "A" which I believed ended just under 60 minutes. I was able to a quick tire change on friday night thanks to my riding buddy Jeff Hamilton who loaned out a pair of his cyclocross tires. They worked just fine on my custom Quiring 29er. I am hoping to participate in a few more Kisscross races and the upcoming tailwind race in davisburg this weekend. I am hoping Jeff will loan out his cross bike for this weekend (need a bike with drops) so I can go and have some fun with Mike.
Thanks again go out to our sponsors..and "Q" for putting together such a dual-purpose bike.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Jason Lummis Cheq40 report:

Thursday am myself, Scott Q., Mike Simonson and Art Flemming left Quiring central Charlotte and headed for the bridge for the UP loop to Cable Wisconsin. We stayed the night in Ironwood and awoke to sleet and rain Friday am. We laid around till past 11am waiting to head to Cable. We arrived at the Telemark resort around 2:30 pm on Friday checked in and did a short preride of the last 12 miles of the course by ridiing out Spyder Lk road to just before the Seely tower high point starts. Mike was moving fast and smooth as he flew up the climb. I paced myself and felt good and ready for the next days race. We ran into the LaLaonde Bros and they rolled back with us to the finish. When I asked them the magic gear they both said 36x16 and felt comfortable hammering the gear was we rolled downed the Birkie trail. We then relaxed around the room eating pasta and walking downstairs for our number plates. In bed early and a good nights sleep was perfect for the 9am start. Temps where around 40 for the start. We road out to Rosies for a warm up and back to the van for final prep. I changed my mind to knee warmers at the last minute and got to the preferred start a lttle late and lined up around 50 deep. No worries since we had a long road leadout. We rolled out of town slowly and made the right hand turn onto 77 for the leadout to Rosies field. The pace was high and I slowly started to move up waiting for the yo-yo effect to stirng things out and I could move thru the gaps. About a mile before Rosies I jumped a wheel that was moving fast thru the pack staying to the outside right of the pack. The rider made some crazy dives towards the middle and I suddenly heard skreeching brakes and bikers hitting the asphalt at 30 MPH. I just rolled over the rear end of a spinning bikes rear wheel as I rode a huge nose wheelie. Down shift sprint, my goodness that is a huge gap to the front of the main field. I didn't panic and just hammered down. I rolled into the end of the main field that was strung out forever as I entered Rosies. Over the first rise and then I see the worst thing imaginable, the Simonster is off his bike and It looked to me like he was adjusting his front wheel, as Timmer was dancing around the field on 1 leg. I knew Mike would be back sans a major mechanical, he lost 8 spokes out of his front wheel, day over.
Across Rosies I pick off rider after rider, I see Marko Lalonde come by and try and weave thru the riders to catch him. Big packs start forming now and my moment is slowed due to the efforts to catch back to the top 30. I hear time gaps of a minute or so to the 2nd group and I find the 3rd group is a good place to recover in I say probably 20 at first then down to about 6 or so a few miles later. With a couple Hollywood bros racing on the front and MI local Niel S. sending off flyers trying to get the pace up. I generally just rolled through out the group trying find out the time gaps to see if we could make the jump to the next group. The gaps where getting larger and I wasn't going to waste myself trying to close the gap, so I sat in. The pace wasn't really hard and we were not slowing down, so we rolled towards Seely. As we approached the climb Neil seemed to be hurting a little and dropped off. Someone dabbed in front of me and 1 of our group was off the front climbing the Seely High point. I kept it smooth and hit the top with the 2 Hollywood bros, we picked up Tim Swift on the way down. 10 miles to go and we could see riders that dropped off the 2nd group. Now was the time to up the pace and try and pick off as many racers as possible. I went to the front and pushed the pace all the way, I gave the roadie flick to see if anyone hanging was going to be able to help. I got 1 helper but rolled past him on the next little hill (the 29er sure seems to do that to the little wheels). We past Tj Wooddruff as he fixed his flat, He flatted with the lead group and had to re-air up again a few miles later. I hammered down the last dirt road 3 miles togo and TJ is back. I eaze up to see what pace he has left in him and we hit the last little climb and I jamm up it in my big Ring passing Tj fly down the hill and up a little rise as I can see the finish flags, Tj rolls up next to me as we head down the hill. I sprint to the line and I think TJ just rolled in. I was happy that I felt strong in the end and placed 28th overall. This was my fastest Fat Tire race out of the 6 I have competed in. Not my highest finish, but differently a good result. It was a great weekend, except Mike's mechanical, and it was fun to hang out with My Wisco and Minnesota racing friends. The Ti/Carbon Quiring was the perfect weapon for this race, The Oakleys kept all the nasty trail debris from my eyes, My Stans wheels rolled fast, smooth and the tubless ride was just awesome. The Cilff shots kept my energy high, while the Adidas shoes and gloves protected and propelled me with confidence. Congrats to the BMan Brian Matter for his 2nd place and we will see all the fats guys @ Iceman.

The 3rd group forming:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Stony Creek USAC XC ----- Tailwind series finale

Teamamtes Joberon and Jason Lummis attend the Tailwind USAC series finale at Stony Creek Metro park in Rochester/Utica MI.

Joberon finished 2nd and rapped up the series in 2nd place overall ---GREAT JOB JOE !

Jason finished 5th and was able to move up to 4th place in the series final results.

Bells Brewery/Quiring Cyles team filled the top 5 position in the USAC series with Joberon 2nd, Simonster 3rd and Jason 4th.

Race reports

The final race of the USAC-MTB Michigan XC Series was at Stony Creek Metropark. 5 scaled down Stony Marathon loops were on the docket for the day. With rain overnight the course was in excellent shape. A few puddles here and there but fast and tacky for the most part. The race started off with series leader Christian Tanguy(American Cycle and Fit)leading the charge. I was forth wheel behind single track fast man Chris Godard(KLM) and my teammate Jason. Midway through the "rollercoaster" section Jason clipped a tree and went down. I was left to chase as Christian and Chris were starting to disappear up ahead. Once I reached the first open two track I had Niel Scharphorn(KP Cycles)on his trusty Quiring 29er and Jason Buccellato(KLM) for company. With Jason's teammate Chris up the trail I had no choice but to real him in. Keeping up with his winning ways Christian was gone and out of sight. That left myself, Chris, Jason and Niel to fight for the number 2 spot. After some powerful surges from Niel we lost Chris. Shortly after Jason slid out and went down on the wooden bridge allowing Niel and myself to create a sizeable gap. As Niel and I rolled through the start/finish we heard Jason's name being announced. He was coming back! About halfway through the rollercoaster Jason was back on and looking strong. Later, in the pines section, the slick wooden bridge claimed another victim. Niel this time. Jason and I rode out the lap spotting Niel now and again safely back a ways. We thought. After a couple of good surges early in the final lap I still couldn't shake Jason. I decided to wait for the final two track climb. It was a gamble but it worked. I attacked, got the gap and rode in for 2nd. Niel made a strong comeback atop his Quiring machine catching and passing Jason and nabbing that 3rd spot. Jason B. 4th and my teammate Jason 5th. A great day at the races and a excellent way to end the series on a good note. 2nd, 3rd and 4th is the final tally for the Bell's Brewery/Quiring Cycles crew in the USAC-MTB Michigan XC Series. Not too shabby. Deserving of a few cold one's I think. It's been a great series and a successful season for the team. My personal best so far. It's nice to see the hard work and sacrifice pay off. To be able to land that 2nd spot is a damn good accomplishment considering all the competition around here. I couldn't have done it without the push from my team and all the guys I race with. It's crazy really. It's difficult to tell if I've improved or gotten stronger at times. So many folks have upped their game and show up ready for a serious fight. With powerhouses like the "Simonster" and the "Flying Frenchman" around it's strengthening the MTB field in Michigan and given us something to work for. I think that is proven whenever a Michigan mountain biker takes the show on the road. There has been some outstanding results from Michigan riders over the past couple years out of state. Thank you Robert and everyone at Tailwind for putting on a great series. There have been some great turnouts at some great venues this season. Hopefully it just gets better for next year. Mountain biking is so much damn fun. Heck, Floyd even does it. Did you notice a Mr. Sven Nys does it too? He just landed 16th at the Mountain Bike World Championships. So come on you road guys and gals. You CX'ers too. There are more Mountain bike races in Michigan than Iceman. Come on out and show us whatchya got!

Jason Lummis:

Stony Creek XC --- 38 miles of pedaling thru 2 tracks and single track with no real coasting/rest points just power on and in Big Ring......

Christian grabbed the start and we where off Goddard was 2nd myself 3rd... I felt great keeping pace behind Goddard has he had about 5 secs in the single track, just waitng for it to open up and I was planning on setting up Joberon on my wheel for the Bigg attack. Well a small sapling grabbed my bars and thru me to the ground hard. I heard the helmet crack and felt my skinny elbow jam into my ribs, nice bruised couple of ribs. I jumped up and tried to jump back on my bike, but the small tree was holding on to it and backwards my bike went. I lost probably 10 spots as I got untangled and back rolling gingerly at first. Catching Tony Torrance (home from Colorado for the weekend) and getting by him as he made a wrong turn. Power on I see DK up the trail reel him in as he crashes then get bye him after he crashed again on the wooden bridge. I passed a few more guys by the end of the first lap and was about 40secs down from Joberon and gang. With Brent in tow we worked together keeping the pace high for my fast lap #2 of the day. At the end of the 3rd lap as I bridged to Goddard, Brent washed out hard in a high speed greasy corner. Goddard and I rolled thru the 4th lap together until Goddard tired a little and I rolled thru gapping him. I was told 20 secs to the Joberon 3 and I wouls catch a glimpse of them once in awhile. I made a really hard effort to catch Neil Schraphorn after he wiped out on the wood bridge., but it seemed he caught a glimpse of Joe and Jason and took off after them. I was unable to respond and just kept going hard till the end. Joberon was 2nd me 5th and I was moved up to 4th in the series thanks to a no show by the Hermitman.
Chequamegon, I can't get enough of this race and the atmosphere.........

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shenandoah 100

Welcome to the future of mountain bike racing. After being present at the National Championships and seeing the full results from 24 hr worlds, it's nice to know it's still alive and kicking. A 100 mile MTB race like the Shenandoah combines every aspect of cycling. It has long brutal two track climbs, technical singletrack climbs, long rough technical downhills, and a few long flat sections. And... a very cool atmosphere to boot. It's got something for the roadies, the climbers, the decenders, the beer drinkers, and the endurance specialists. There's no stupid call ups, silly unfair points systems, or Bullsh@t licenses and memberships. And it doesn't matter who gets the wholeshot because all that nonsense isn't going to make a dam bit of difference 75 miles into a 100 mile race. Just good tough racing. I think we'll continue to see more pro's and tougher competition at these events.

As far as my race went... I was working on 4th only two minutes down at about mile 88, then started having tire troubles. Wha Wha Wha... I think I ended up 8th or 9th??? I'm happy with how I raced though. At least now I know what the course is like for next year and I got a nice workout in prep for the Chequamegon two weeks away. A little rest and recovery this week and I should be good to go.

Michael Simonson

Monday, August 27, 2007


PLRA USAC series race 3 10 mile laps of 99.5% single track (the finish/start area was a grassy 2 track). With a large field teammates Joberon, Simonster and Jason L. lined up to race hard. Mike Simonson brought out the scandium 29er set up single speed and powered away from everyone ! Jason finished 6th while Joberon finished the race 11th ahead of the 3rd place series points battle assuring a 2nd place overall in the Tailwind MI USAC series for 2007. Jason Lummis is trying to sneak into 4th from 5th. Video by MASHER MEDIA:

Race reports:

I always enjoy a couple laps at my home course PLRA. I've been riding there since I was 12 years old. Robert Linden would come pick me up and we'd do laps there in the dead of winter. I did my very first MTB race at PLRA. I raced sport at one of the Paul Bunyan races and took dead last. I think there were like 40 guys in my class... for a Paul Bunyan race! Needless to say, a lot has changed since then, both to the MTB scene, and also to the PLRA course. I decided to ride a Single Speed this year because I really wanted a tough workout in prep for the Chequamegon 3 weeks away. I chose a 34-14 on my 29er which turns out to be almost 70 inches. Getting that gear going was tough as I totally blew the holeshot. To my suprise, Brewchamp took the holeshot with Christian hot on his heels followed by me. I quickly got around both of them before opening up a gap on the first downhill. I knew I would have to make time on the downhills because cranking that gear uphill was going to take its tole on me in the later laps. And it sure did. By the third lap the big climb about 2 miles in was wearing on me. I made it up every time though and cruised in for the win.

I was feeling a bit ambitious, so I entered the single speed race as well for another 2 lap workout. My goal was to keep them both under 40 minutes, which I was barely able to do. The 34-14 was beginning to seem like a bad idea. Entering the single speed race and the XC is a great way to build some extra endurance and it helps to further promote the sport and the venue in Michigan. I'd like to see more guys double up and do both. Misfit Psycles ( makes this kit for 80 bucks that converts your geared bike to SS. It works great and it's never given me a problem.

Thanks again to all the sponsors. BTW: Q looked a lot leaner when I saw him at the O2S. Could this be a sign of training???


2 for 2 at PLR The Tailwind/USAC State Champ Series kicked off this year at Pontiac Lake. I remember this day vividly as I had a horrible race. With the series nearly over I was thankfully left with one more opportunity to tear one of my favorite courses to shreds. Race number 7 of 8 brought racers to Pontiac Lake Recreation Area on a picture perfect day. The rain during the week had the trail tacky and super fast. The temperatures in the morning were cool and the winds were light. The Elite field was stacked and ready for the 3 lap drag race. I decided to go hard from the start. The all or nothing plan. On this course I knew if I was feeling good pegging it from the gun would work to my advantage. A couple miles in nearly half the field went around me and I was left gasping. Damn! I tried to regain my composure but had nothing. I just sat back and watched as my buddies rode away. This has happened to me a few times this year. It's strange, at this point I just say to myself "oh, it's one of those days I guess." The slightest pace change or if a hill appears just checks me out. It's not fun. Another bummer of a day at PLRA for me. Next on the docket may be a little rest. Hopefully I can come into the final race recharged and ready for some fun. Great job to my teammates and all who raced.


LUMMIS: PLRA was in great shape ! I put the White Bros suspension fork on for the 2nd time this year and the first for th TI/Carbon Quiring. Haven't been riding consistantly over the last few months and I went into this race just wanting to have a intense race. The Elite field was larger 20 or so racer lined up for the 3 lap hammer fest. Pontiac LK is a lot like my local trail -Poto- in that it flows well and is tight single track. You have to trust the flow of the trail to rail the corners as a lot of brush block your vision, just like Poto. The race was off and I felt pretty happy with the group battling for 3rd as Simonster was gone and being chased by the Cricket. 3 laps and a group of six had formed on the 1st lap. On the 2nd lap I was 3rd wheel, the 2 guys ahead bobbled on a rock garden cross over and I attacked hard to try and shake up the group. Mike Bartlett was a new face in the crowd and was holding on as 2 bridged back up. The odds for a top 3 finish just got a little better. I set pace for the rest of the lap, slowing to grab a bottle. Almost stopping my pedaling to get someone else to set pace as the 2 bridgers wouldn't come around. I pulled over and Mike took over the pace, pushing it up as much as he could. Brent attacked on a climb and I attempted to jump, but Mike swerved over as he cramped a little and Brent was gone. I kind of sat behind Mike wondering what bridger 2 was going to do since his MO is generally sit on till the end then attack. Mike was killing himself to drop us and he was starting to falter at the end and I wasn't going to just jump him after all his hard effort today (I respect that). Well as I guessed 3rd guy attacks and were of flying down the trail, up the last climb. Flying down the last DH to the flats watching 3rd wheel hammer away as Mike tries to get more speed. It was a great effort by both and fun to watch. I finished 6th place in my favorite spot just out of the $$ --- CHEQUAMEGON is on the horizon :>) .

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Maybury MMBA CPS #6, 08-25-07

Not much to report about the above race. I did start and finish but not with a smile or a sense of accomplishment. I did race and finish in the Elite class. I felt good the entire race except for some minor tightness in the lower back. I was hoping to hang in with my fellow competitors for the entire race but with two crashes in the second lap I chose to race a conservatively. I put it in tourist type training race mode. My heart rate never exceeded 120 bpm. I am happy that I did not let up and roll off course after the 2nd. lap and head home but rather finish. I kept hoping and trying to have some fun.....not. My interest in a NON fitness course have reached a new low. These types of races which this one in particular should only be run as a time trial and not as 5 lap, 35 mile single track marathon. Maybe someday courses like the Mike Cool Big Lap, Whiskey Creek, Crystal Mountain Resort, Schuss Mtn. Shanty Creek and Cannonsburg will return as the standard of true mountain bike racing fitness much like what the Triple Crown represents. Hoping to hear if my connection the stop #2 of the Triple Crown is going to come thru for me!

Im still just a rat in a cage!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fort Custer TT Tailwind series Finally

John Meyers attended the last race in the Tailwind Time Trial series.

John had a lock on 2nd place and just needed to finish well at this race to secure his position in the series. It rained the while night and the day of the race as well.

John's report:

2007 Tailwinds Time Trial Points Series

I finished a respectable 2nd. place in the elite class for the 2007 version of the TT points series. The series concluded this past Sunday at the Fort Custer Recreation area and the race was a 14 mile loop combined of the green and red loops. My race did not go as planned...I had hoped to have possible won the race but having driven in from my UP trip post O2S vacation week I was not to motivated to regroup and head out in the a.m. to race in a rain storm. I still ventured out to retain a 2nd. place in the series. My race was o.k. I raced very conservative due to the slop on the trails...a puddle and hazard every ten feet. Some people enjoy this type of racing but I feel that it is destructive to the race course and demolishes the base material creating more work to stabilize in the future. Anyways I had some trouble with about 5 miles to go with my left cleat/pedal not staying clipped in? I would go about 20 pedal strokes and the cleat would roll out...??? Not no what was going on I just kept slowing clipping in and then hoping I could finish....well just as I turned on to the grassy 1/2 mile hill finish I completely lost the pedal? I thought great game over....but instead I decided to finish one-legged instead of hoping of the bike and pushing in. I finished a disappointing 5th. place and held a 2nd. in the point series.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ore to Shore 2007 --- SIMONSTER REPEATS ---

The Midsummers night beer party was a smashing success, we would like to thank Bells Brewery for setting up the party at Up Front and Company. The location was great, as well as the food, band and staff.

Race reports BELOW --- Mike 1st, John Meyers 7th, Jason Lummis 24th and Joberon 43rd........

Random photos from this weekend !

I always think of the Ore to Shore as the gateway to the fall season of racing. My personal favorite time of the year. I definitely felt a little more pressure this year with the Midwest Triple Crown title being the ultimate fall season goal. If you don’t win the first race, it kind of blows the whole goal for the fall. I felt good in the days leading up to the event, and the presence of my family’s support me gave me more confidence as well as the presence of the motor home. All of which allowed me to completely relax on Friday. The start of the race was the usual Ore to Shore start. There’s a mad dash for the whole shot photo op, then the tandems take over on the pavement leading up to the luge hill. We rolled up along side the railroad tracks. This is were I decided to take the reigns of the race. I pushed it pretty hard over luge hill and Doug Swanson (Trek) and Brian Matter (PCW) were the only two to respond. I kind of figured this would be the case, but you never know if there are some dark horses buried in the pack somewhere. The pace of went stale for a while and Doug took over once we reached Ishpeming. He took a couple of hard pulls. I think he was trying to prevent people from bridging. The next sector would be the powerline climbs. When we got near, I went to the front and drilled it as hard as I could through the whole section of rollers. Eventually I found myself with a gap and I continued to push the pace. I could see Brian behind me starting to bridge. I continued to push the 44-12 gear, but Brian continued to bridge. I knew he must have been on the rivet giving it full steam. As soon as he latched onto my wheel, we took a right hand turn onto some bumpy four wheeler trail and I punched it one more time, but this time it stuck and I rode a TT all the way to the finish to take the back to back win. The Quiring Ti 29er proved to me again that she was ready for another win as well. Scott really outdid himself when he welded together pure perfection. I couldn't ask for a better combination of fit, weight, ride quality, and efficiency. Titanium rocks. The No tubes wheels top off the package nicely. Thanks again to Bells Brewery for sponsoring an awesome party! I made a lot of new friends and I can’t wait to catch up with them at the races coming up in the fall.
Mike S.


Air Guitar

"Living after midnight, rockin to the dawn. Lovin til the morning, then I'm gone, I'm gone!"

My plan for O2S was as follows, wake up Saturday - feel good. Awake Sunday - feel bad. Well, Saturday didn't go as I had hoped. Sunday however, perfectly orchestrated. For race day I wanted to be atop that bloody luge climb in the top 10. I managed to pull that off and have my teammate John for company. From there it's all about chasing on and trying not to be caught. The tandem came storming by and I had nothing. John took off after them and I faded. It's such a long race that I didn't panic. I thought I needed a bit of recovery and I'd be back in the game. Russ Tiles(Founders) came zooming by and I tried again. My teammate Jason was there and things were starting to look up. But again, I faded. That's the story of my race really. Try to hang, then fade. I ended up 43rd in the end way off of my goal and once again leaving me stumped. The Ore to Shore is a fantastic event. It's super tough. The toughest event of the year I think. But it brings you back. I'm addicted. It's a battle field out there and I congratulate everyone who finished. Mountain Biking is alive and well my friends. The organizers, the sponsors, spectators and the brave riders proved it this past weekend. Thank you Bell's Brewery and Up Front and Company for hosting a great post race bash. Thank The Melismatics( for forcing me to bust out the air guitar. I'm sorry to all who witnessed. Great weekend, great friends. Lets do it again soon.



The Ore to Shore is one of my favorite events to attend during a racing season. My wife and I have been coming to this event since 2001, we have made it a vacation event every year. Usually time spent after the race hiking and exploring different regions of the upper pennisula. This year we had our 10.5 month son with us to enjoy the outdoors and a schedule that left no time for vacation after the race, so we headed up early on Monday to Taquamenon Falls for some hiking and hiking and hiking oh and a little riding till Thursday then to Marquette. Our son Zackery was amazing great during the trip, it helps that his mom is the greatest.

Thursday we rolled into Marquette set up the camper @ Tourist Park and relaxed for a few hours (seems like that was the only time we did actually sit down for awhile the whole week). Friday was a pre-Ride in the am with the Simonster and then run around town collecting items and meeting people for the Bells Brewery party @ The Up Front and Company after the awards show on Saturday. I think I sat down after getting my # for maybe 15 mins and then off to bed.

Saturday morning came to quick, I was tired my legs felt dead and my shins hurt from all the hiking/running around. We loaded up the truck and headed to the start, meet up with my teammates for a warm up spin. Back to the truck for water/camelback, smack my knee really hard on my trailer hitch (this hurt so bad). Then to the start line and grab the front row for my teammates. 9:45 (the start time) rolls by, hey where is the 1 man band. Someone ask how they should start the race,: READY (JM is off) SET (I go) GO every one else takes off. Max speed into the corners and off we go. A couple Tandems surge and fall back ( fun to watch which tandems are in sync or not). We hit the dirt, I know where Mike is going to punch it, I stay with the lead group till the luge climb as I roll of the back and try and recover. Russ catches up to me as we watch the big main group roll out of site. Joberon falls of the group and we pick him up, J. Bowne is with us thru Ispheming, some others are back there as well. We start getting close to the power line climbs and the railroad bed, I know from the pre ride the line to take to get thru the sand and under the Viaduct. I go the front and decide to rail this section and drop everyone. Russ bridges up on the 1st climb and Neil is coming as well. They roll by and my legs go flat. Russ disappears and Neil is the carrot about 25 yds up. I chase and chase feeling dead and bloated. I end up in a group as we hit the climbs before Misery Hill. The Hill hurts, I try and run up it, but all I can muster is a peg leg shuffle. Loose a couple guys off the front and I am with J. Bowne and a Hollywood Racer from Minn. I yo yo for awhile till we hit the pavement and I start coasting. No pedaling just done --- BONK --- I roll into the pavement climb drop down to my 32/34 and crawl to the top, 3 guys go by like I was going downhill. At the top I stop @ the feed station and drink about 5 glasses of water fill my bottle and eat someones candy bar (thanks for the Snickers Mam). Sugar buzzzzzz oh yea, I am flying for like a mile then bam over again. Finish my camelback, water bottle is about gone and I have 16 miles left to go. I hear a group coming from behind (I am bummed thinking I am like 50th place), it's a couple guys I know and the catch me. They ask how I am doing and my answer is bonking with a Golf ball sized knot in my right hamstring---- Bam they attack, cool guys ehhh. I put everything I had left and pedaled thru the cramp (ripping/tearing oh it hurt) and was on their wheels. I couldn't let these guys just attack me and roll away with 15 miles left. Cramping, the legs knotting up, luv pain but come on legs you gotta help me. Dropped I roll back the group is gone just me and 2 attackers. They roll away just before the big sand pit downhill, I blow by them as they play in the sand box, GLORY ahhhh noooooo wood chip hill, I cramp they ride it, adios good race thanks for the push in the end---- WOW I ended up 24th, to me it felt like 100th----- Suffering thru a bad race takes a week to appreciate.

Chequamegon is a month away more pain and more competition, IMO Cheq is the hardest race competiton wise to do well in for me. Wisco and Minn have some really great racer that make this race a challenge as well as the mass start chaios that is controlled at a 25mph+ pace as we enter the Official start Rosies field.


This started about 30 minutes after the race as the Oberons had been on Ice for 2 days. Awards @ 6ish meant a good 3 hrs of drinking before the party. Oh yeah food needed to be consumed, lets see the best wife in the world has a huge Bison steak, veggies and potaotes ready to roll. Grill-n and beers, made me forget about the 2:55 of self inflicted suffering real quick. FOOD-BEER-BEER and more beer. We hung out at the awards kinda of outside since it was really warm in there. Back to the camper after awards for a quick 4 beers with the TEAM and off to the party. Up front was really nice, the management and staff where ready for a fun night. More Bells beer, some great music and then the raffle. All was great we gave out some large amounts of Garneau, Oakley, Cliff and team swag. Some more music and the Simonster was playing the drums on a song with the band. A few more beers then back to the camper to get some sleep before the 9hr(truck and 30' camper) back home on Sunday.

Great job Simonster, Joberon, JM and all who raced !

John Meyers race report:

A 7th place finish is a very respectable finish in such a challenging race. My goal was a top ten finish and I achieved that but as always if I had stayed more at the front with the 3 - 5 finishers things would have been diffrent at the finish line. I choose to ride a little more conservative for the last 10 miles having flatted in the last ten miles on my warm-up the day before and had flatted in the 2006 race....I was a little spooked. In fact when Doug Swanson and the specialized rider passed me at the exact same point the specialized rider hit a sharp piece of ballast and flatted...his game was over. Not me I got in safe and sound. My hat is off to the many people for helping the team the race weekend; Larry Bell for continuing to support the Midwests finiest 29er race team, Kelley for provide Oakley eyewear and throwing in two pairs for the party raffle, Clif Bar for providing good swag at the raffle also and my teammates for being so supportive.