Friday, August 25, 2006


The 2nd to last MI NORBA race here in MI found us in Waterford at the infamous Pontiac Lake Rec Area. A 10 mile single track XC race course that is fast and technical (because of the speeds). The home of the Simonster, as he is undefeated at the course in any format (TT,XC). The whole shot was allowed (by Simonster) to be taken by Crispy and the race was off with about 19 racers in the Elite field. Crispy held the lead for about 2 miles when Simonster and Tanguy slipped by him on the trail. Leaving Jason Lummis and Joberon sitting behind Crispy, while the rest of the field became real unhappy with the situation. Crispy had enough of the front and pulled it over, which left Lummis to set pace. Jason rode alone for a few miles until Joberon came flying up to set tempo. By the end of the 1st lap Simonster was leading followed by Tanguy, then Joberon, Lummis and Tanguy's 2 teammates Kuhn and Herriman. This continued for the last 2 laps of 3, until Jason popped and Joberon and Herriman took it to the line for a 3rd place Finish by Joe Brzuchanski, Herriman 4th, Kuhn 5thand Lummis dropped to 7th.
Joberon Checks in with his race report below:


Racing continued this past Sunday at my "home" course Pontiac Lake. It was the7th race of 8 in the Tailwind NORBA Series. After missing the PLRA TT due to injury and two blowouts last week at Ore to Shore I was really hoping to do well.

Not only was I hoping to do well, I HAD to do well. I had promised to race hard and that every pedal stroke would be in honor of Jim Brehmer. The brother of my co-worker and friend Bill Brehmer had been killed in a motorcycle accident one week earlier. Jim was a big fan of anything with two wheels. Including the wonderful sport of Mountain Biking.

I was hoping to go hard right from the start. Things didn't go my way until a couple miles into the trail. Once I managed to get around some traffic it was time to go to work. The Simonster and The Flying Frenchman were already way up on us. After a couple miles of hard pedaling I looked back to see Jason L.,Robert H. and Greg Kuhncappi. The four of us hammered along until midway throughthe 3rd lap when we spotted a beautiful damsel in distress. My girlfriend Erin was standing trailside and looked very shaken up. I hit the skids almost taking out my teammate Jason(Sorry). I stopped to see if she was OK and in a very convincing tone she said she was fine and to keep going. I quickly hopped back on my bike and worked my way back up to Jason and Greg. Robert has formed a pretty good gap and was out of sight. I caught my breath, went around J-Lum andKuhncappi and bridged up to the Robert. I couldn't believe I caught him. We battled until the end where I managed to get around Robert at the line for my best Elite finish, 3rd place. It was bittersweet feeling as Erin was banged up pretty good and had to go to the hospital. Thankfully she walked out of there with only a broken wrist.

Jim, his bro Bill and the entire Brehmer family had been on my mind all week. All the way up to that start line. I thought to myself how great it would be to have Jim back for some laps at PLRA. He was there. And he helped carry me to my best Elite finish to date. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim and his family.

I would like to give a special thanks to the folks that helped Erin and the other injured rider(s) Sunday. Get well soon Erin and Co.
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Congrats Joey B and those wankers how to ride Pontiac.