Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tailwinds race #3 USAC series BRIGHTON STAGE RACE

BELLS Brewery MTB 1 2 3.......Mike Anderson, Jason Lummis and Joe Brzuchanski participated in The Brighton Stage race this past weekend. Day 1 saturday was a Time Trial in the am and then a Short Track in the afternoon. Day 2 was a 40 mile XC.
After day 1 Mike was leading with Jason in 2nd and Joberon in a tight battle for 3rd sitting in 4th. Day 2 the team rode away with the race as Mike won, Jason 2nd and Joberon 3rd....


Podium via cell phone:

Video of XC race by Jan Mack:

Monday, May 25, 2009


Jason Lummis and Joberon attended the 2nd stop for the tailwinds series. Jason finished 4th and Joe 6th. The course was great and the resurrection of the stair climb made the race even better.


Video of the start from Tom Lining (

Relaxing at the start =): Photo Tom Lining (luv2mtb.con)

Race report:
Bloomer Park XC 5 laps of fun ! Due to water on the course a week ago this race was rescheduled for this past Sunday. A few nice changes to a course, I have raced at probably 15 times, made the maze of twisty single track to dbl track transitions a little fresher. Great job Art and Bloomer crew, as well as Robert from tailwinds for a different course. The stair climb section made the race (I have not raced the stair climb at this course for what seems like 7yrs) !
I jumped the whistle at the start and sat up for a sec so everyone could catch back up, =0), ooops. The race was on as I sat 2nd wheel to Kuhn, down the sled hill and back up. Great race as Tanguy reeled us in then dropped us on his home course. Lapped traffic was not fun on this twisty course and I lost 10-15 secs to Kuhn a few times. Crashed into a lapper and had to get off the bike to re-tighten my front skewer. Battled with a Stange bro and Parmelee for 2.5 laps and just miissed out on 2nd by a less than 20secs and 3rd by 2secs. I had a few chances to try something for 3rd but just never really pulled the trigger and the sprint was weak as lapped traffic was present to th end. Thanks ERIN for water bottles on the silver platter, you did a great job as we sailed thru the Start/finish.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


John Meyers and Joe Brzuchanski attended the race.....JM Finished 3rd and Joberon 5th



JM race report:
Fort Custer 2009 is in the books! Had a solid race and finished 3rd Elite. Our matched finishing time was 2:24:22. John Cowan took a couple pulls on the flats to the start/finish and gave me a few minutes of relief each lap but 99% of the laps 2-4 I was able ride steady tempo and firm pressure....nice to have John on my wheel for company!! Tough Luck to Joberon who finished fifth with a missed turn in first lap! Thanks to Larry Bell Joe, Erin and John had a few brews after the race at the pub to celebrate the great day!!!!!! Next stop Tour of Kensington in Ann Arbor....let's see I can race 1 -2's, 35+, or 45+??????

JOBERON: clean cut

Friday, May 01, 2009

Mike Andersons 29er frame

2009 Bells Brewery/ Quiring Cycle MTB team paint scheme....