Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

More bike Pics

Scott built me a Titanium with Carbon top and seat tube 29er this year ! I have just built it up @ 20lbs. It is the same geometry as my steel frame. I can't wait to ride it, from the quick run today it is smooth and fast.
---Jason Lummis
THANKS AGAIN Q this is the best bike ever.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Team racers Mike Simonson, John Meyers, Jason Jones and Jason Lummis raced this past weekend in the Lumberjack 100. With the help of Mitch Simonson and Scott Quiring as our feed and support crew the team tackled the 4 lap(8mile inner and 17 mile outer) 100 mile race in the Manistee National forest near Wellston MI. The temps where decent as a 65 degree start and a max in the 80's. The race started with about 170+ total racers and 122 finished.
The Simonster lead for over half the race as the eventual winner Chris Eatough slowly reeled him in. Mike held strong and finished 2nd improving his finish from the Mohican 100 2 weeks prior which was 4th. John Meyers held a constant race pace for a strong sprint finish in 6th place. Jason Lummis came back from a 2nd lap rear derailleur hanger mangling for 9th place (added bonus for having a steel frame with a steel hanger mount---Scott Quiring bent it back with a wrench---- Jason only lost about 15 minutes with the repair)Jason Jones finished 48th and gave his all during the race. Great job Jason, especially since he found out earlier this year he has a heart valve defect and will require surgery sometime in the near future (he does have the doc's ok to exercises)

Simonster on the podium with Chris Eatough

Jason Lummis 9th Place !

John and Mike up the first climb of the race !

Chris Eatough, Simonster and John's legs @ the river for a bath after the race-


Race reports:

Jason Lummis-----
Wow another 100 mile MTB race, my 2nd in 2 weeks. The 1st the Mohican was just a sufferfest and I never felt good the whole race. I struggled in for a 13th spot in the Mohican 100, which was a 100 mile loop in eastern Ohio. Well run race just not a great day for me.
Now onto the Lumberjack in which I have raced all 3 years now. The past finishes have been '05 8th place and '06 9th place. I wasn't planning on doing this race for about $125 reasons, but a friend and fellow racer Dan K. had an injury, so I took his spot in the race (THANKS DK-- notice the results have Dan's sponors still attached). I rushed around last minute to get things semi organized for the race, water/food/bike/gear = race on. Rolled into the starting area and found alot of my MI Elite racer friends ready to roll + some National Endurance/24 hour racers as well. We took off with a mile pavement start then into the trail for 100 miles of single track. The 1st lap was ok for me I felt bloated/slow and I rolled around the course, I had caught 1 large stick in my derailleur and had to stop to remove it. The 2nd lap my legs felt much better and I started moving thru the field of racers. I caught up to my teammate John at the end of the 2nd lap, he was in 6th place. Just as I did this I either caught another stick or just twisted my derailleur hanger more from the previous 1st lap stick, but my chain broke and my hanger was bent bad. I quick linked the chain back together and rolled into the finish pit area. Thinking my day was done, I looked at Scott Quiring for help and he just acted cool and calm. Mitch ran over and grabbed Mike's tool box for Scott. Scott pulled a wrench out after removing my rear derailleur and bent the hanger back into position (WOW what support from a team mate as well as the frame builder----- THANK YOU Q and Mitch for your help and support. I lost maybe 15 minutes in the whole mechanical affair and probably 15 places as well. I took off fast and hard catching most of the racers within the 8 mile inner loop and entered the outer loop in 13th place. I pushed hard trying to make up as much time as possible. After 75 miles I was in 11th place still trying to crack the top 10. I passed 10th place at about mile 80 and caught 9th place at around mile 85. I had only 1 episode of a small cramp with about 10 miles to go, but nothing bad came of it and I was able to hold off the bonk and finished 9th overall.
here is my Garmin 305 info: LUMBERJACK 100

My new frame is in my hands to be built soon ! Ti carbon goodness 3.1lbs and a 2 lb steel fork from Scott Quiring

Monday, June 11, 2007


Bloomer Park XC

I was the lone Bells/Quiring rider at this event as my teammates were
preparing for the Lumberjack. Typically I ride this course once or twice
per year. A pre ride and on race day. This year would be no different
due to distance and lack of time to visit this urban cycling mecca. As
soon as Erin and I arrived at Bloomer we could tell it would be a great
day. We saw many familiar faces had come out to cheer us on and enjoy a
beautiful day at the park. A nice size field and a gradual downhill made
for an exciting start. I managed to get myself in the top 4 or 5 before
we ventured into some of Bloomer's famous tight single track. Eventually
on the first lap(of 5) Christian made his move and began his dance
through the tricky stuff. With none of us able to respond we forged on
fighting for that 2nd spot. The KLM crew were laying down a strong pace
the entire day. Gapping me through each section of single trail. A
couple laps later it was myself, Greg K.(KLM) and Jason B.(KLM)
chug-a-luggin' wondering if we'd ever see Christian again. We did! He
was watching us finish. But not until Jason made a strong move in the
twisty twists near the velodrome. I pushed it as hard as I could to
catch Jason but couldn't close down the gap. I did put a little space
between myself and Greg and rolled in for 3rd place. I'll take it.
Thanks to all my family and friends who came out and supported us.
Bloomer is a great venue for spectators. I'm sure all the racers
appreciated the hootin' in hollerin' in those switchbacks. Also, thanks
to my very special friend Quinn(Quinn-beron). He let me try out his new
"Sixer"(See pic). Apparently it's the latest in cycling technology. Keep
your eyes on this little guy in the future.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Jason Jones Ti 29er

Our teamamte Jason Jones and new MMBA director of Advocacy. Received his new Quiring Team issue Titanium 29er a couple weeks ago and here is a picture of the new ride !

Dropped @ PLRA

Dropped at PLRA June 07, 2007

Last night I was beaten on my own turf. My bro Brian and I met up for, what I
had thought, was to be a nice easy lappy dappy. Still feeling a bit worked from
Sundays effort I was looking forward to leading Bro-Bri-beron on a casual
spin-a-roony. We met up at the halfway point of the trail. Bro-Bri-beron,
already with a half a loop in the legs, waited patiently as I suited up. We took
off and I immediately took the lead and was on point setting tempo. Going
through the switchback turn section and into the hills Bro-Bri-beron seemed to
be in difficulty. I was able to create a small gap of about 15 seconds. It
didn't last however as late lap traffic would force me to slow. After a bobble
in some slick mud Brian made a cheeky move and attacked. Knowing the final climb
was just around the corner I was not concerned as my lightweight Quiring 29er
propelled me up the hill and back onto his wheel. After arriving at the
trailhead I thought it was time for Brian to experience the magic of the new
machine. We switched bikes and set off on Brian's second lap. Still my first.
Again, I took the lead expecting Brian's untrained carcass to crack at any
moment. Coming into the large climb my tire spun out and my bro, atop the big
wheels, blew by. I reacted quickly as he lead us up the hill. This is where
things went...downhill for me. We crested the top, began the descent and from
there it was bye bye Bri-beron. At first I thought he was just giving the Q29er
a little test. "This won't last" I said to myself as I chuckled. A few minutes
went by and I was still riding alone. Both my bro and my bike were out of sight.
I crossed the paved road and decided to wick up the pace. Knowing my car wasn't
too far away, I didn't have much time to save face. I worked hard to real him in
only to find him stopped and waiting for me at the airfield road crossing. He
was grinning ear to ear and said "I feel great! I want to keep riding." I was in
difficulty but forged ahead. Once again watching as my brother and my bike
drifted away. "Yahoo!" I hear coming from afar. "This is great!" Brian yelled as
I struggled. Being the big bro and..."experienced" cyclist I thought I would
ride with Little Brew Brew back to his vehicle. Upon arrival, with my tail
between my legs, I asked..."would you drive me back to my car?"

Bro Bri-beron - 2 laps, Joberon - 1 lap. The winner: The Quiring 29er.

Have fun everyone. Thanks for reading.


Hanson Hills XC

Joberon and John Meyers attended the Hanson Hills XC, a MMBA CPS race on the 6th of June. On a hot MI sunday the starting field lost a few participants in the 40 mile 4 lap XC race. Joe and John finished 2/3 on a very nice course, that turned into a mudfest only minutews after the Elite/expert race when rains showers dumoed huge amounts of water on the sport/begginer racers.

JOBERONS race report

Hanson Hills(03June2007)
Grayling, Mich.

I decided to attend the Hanson race mainly due to the course. I like it.
Beautiful rolling terrain and single track for miles. Almost 10 per lap to be
exact. The elite men did 4 which made for a lengthy event. A baby Lumberjack if
you will. I wasn't feeling too spunky. Weak coffee I suppose. That in mind and
the extra mileage of the event, I chose to keep things a little more chill on
the early laps. Good thing as lower back pain and muscle cramps were setting in
late in the race. Christian T. took the hole shot and led us up the first climb.
Myself, John and Randy were only able to hang for a few miles as we watched him
drift out to sea. From there we rode it out taking turns at the front each lap.
Going into the final lap Randy had a lower back meltdown and John and I were
left alone like a couple of bobbing Oberon bottles in a cooler. In the end I
rolled in for 2nd Johnny M. for 3rd. Good times once again on the Quiring 29er.
You have to try one these thangs!