Monday, September 10, 2007

Stony Creek USAC XC ----- Tailwind series finale

Teamamtes Joberon and Jason Lummis attend the Tailwind USAC series finale at Stony Creek Metro park in Rochester/Utica MI.

Joberon finished 2nd and rapped up the series in 2nd place overall ---GREAT JOB JOE !

Jason finished 5th and was able to move up to 4th place in the series final results.

Bells Brewery/Quiring Cyles team filled the top 5 position in the USAC series with Joberon 2nd, Simonster 3rd and Jason 4th.

Race reports

The final race of the USAC-MTB Michigan XC Series was at Stony Creek Metropark. 5 scaled down Stony Marathon loops were on the docket for the day. With rain overnight the course was in excellent shape. A few puddles here and there but fast and tacky for the most part. The race started off with series leader Christian Tanguy(American Cycle and Fit)leading the charge. I was forth wheel behind single track fast man Chris Godard(KLM) and my teammate Jason. Midway through the "rollercoaster" section Jason clipped a tree and went down. I was left to chase as Christian and Chris were starting to disappear up ahead. Once I reached the first open two track I had Niel Scharphorn(KP Cycles)on his trusty Quiring 29er and Jason Buccellato(KLM) for company. With Jason's teammate Chris up the trail I had no choice but to real him in. Keeping up with his winning ways Christian was gone and out of sight. That left myself, Chris, Jason and Niel to fight for the number 2 spot. After some powerful surges from Niel we lost Chris. Shortly after Jason slid out and went down on the wooden bridge allowing Niel and myself to create a sizeable gap. As Niel and I rolled through the start/finish we heard Jason's name being announced. He was coming back! About halfway through the rollercoaster Jason was back on and looking strong. Later, in the pines section, the slick wooden bridge claimed another victim. Niel this time. Jason and I rode out the lap spotting Niel now and again safely back a ways. We thought. After a couple of good surges early in the final lap I still couldn't shake Jason. I decided to wait for the final two track climb. It was a gamble but it worked. I attacked, got the gap and rode in for 2nd. Niel made a strong comeback atop his Quiring machine catching and passing Jason and nabbing that 3rd spot. Jason B. 4th and my teammate Jason 5th. A great day at the races and a excellent way to end the series on a good note. 2nd, 3rd and 4th is the final tally for the Bell's Brewery/Quiring Cycles crew in the USAC-MTB Michigan XC Series. Not too shabby. Deserving of a few cold one's I think. It's been a great series and a successful season for the team. My personal best so far. It's nice to see the hard work and sacrifice pay off. To be able to land that 2nd spot is a damn good accomplishment considering all the competition around here. I couldn't have done it without the push from my team and all the guys I race with. It's crazy really. It's difficult to tell if I've improved or gotten stronger at times. So many folks have upped their game and show up ready for a serious fight. With powerhouses like the "Simonster" and the "Flying Frenchman" around it's strengthening the MTB field in Michigan and given us something to work for. I think that is proven whenever a Michigan mountain biker takes the show on the road. There has been some outstanding results from Michigan riders over the past couple years out of state. Thank you Robert and everyone at Tailwind for putting on a great series. There have been some great turnouts at some great venues this season. Hopefully it just gets better for next year. Mountain biking is so much damn fun. Heck, Floyd even does it. Did you notice a Mr. Sven Nys does it too? He just landed 16th at the Mountain Bike World Championships. So come on you road guys and gals. You CX'ers too. There are more Mountain bike races in Michigan than Iceman. Come on out and show us whatchya got!

Jason Lummis:

Stony Creek XC --- 38 miles of pedaling thru 2 tracks and single track with no real coasting/rest points just power on and in Big Ring......

Christian grabbed the start and we where off Goddard was 2nd myself 3rd... I felt great keeping pace behind Goddard has he had about 5 secs in the single track, just waitng for it to open up and I was planning on setting up Joberon on my wheel for the Bigg attack. Well a small sapling grabbed my bars and thru me to the ground hard. I heard the helmet crack and felt my skinny elbow jam into my ribs, nice bruised couple of ribs. I jumped up and tried to jump back on my bike, but the small tree was holding on to it and backwards my bike went. I lost probably 10 spots as I got untangled and back rolling gingerly at first. Catching Tony Torrance (home from Colorado for the weekend) and getting by him as he made a wrong turn. Power on I see DK up the trail reel him in as he crashes then get bye him after he crashed again on the wooden bridge. I passed a few more guys by the end of the first lap and was about 40secs down from Joberon and gang. With Brent in tow we worked together keeping the pace high for my fast lap #2 of the day. At the end of the 3rd lap as I bridged to Goddard, Brent washed out hard in a high speed greasy corner. Goddard and I rolled thru the 4th lap together until Goddard tired a little and I rolled thru gapping him. I was told 20 secs to the Joberon 3 and I wouls catch a glimpse of them once in awhile. I made a really hard effort to catch Neil Schraphorn after he wiped out on the wood bridge., but it seemed he caught a glimpse of Joe and Jason and took off after them. I was unable to respond and just kept going hard till the end. Joberon was 2nd me 5th and I was moved up to 4th in the series thanks to a no show by the Hermitman.
Chequamegon, I can't get enough of this race and the atmosphere.........


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Well said, Joe

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Stony was a blast! C U guys at the Fat Tire Fest!! niel