Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fort Custer TT Tailwind series Finally

John Meyers attended the last race in the Tailwind Time Trial series.

John had a lock on 2nd place and just needed to finish well at this race to secure his position in the series. It rained the while night and the day of the race as well.

John's report:

2007 Tailwinds Time Trial Points Series

I finished a respectable 2nd. place in the elite class for the 2007 version of the TT points series. The series concluded this past Sunday at the Fort Custer Recreation area and the race was a 14 mile loop combined of the green and red loops. My race did not go as planned...I had hoped to have possible won the race but having driven in from my UP trip post O2S vacation week I was not to motivated to regroup and head out in the a.m. to race in a rain storm. I still ventured out to retain a 2nd. place in the series. My race was o.k. I raced very conservative due to the slop on the trails...a puddle and hazard every ten feet. Some people enjoy this type of racing but I feel that it is destructive to the race course and demolishes the base material creating more work to stabilize in the future. Anyways I had some trouble with about 5 miles to go with my left cleat/pedal not staying clipped in? I would go about 20 pedal strokes and the cleat would roll out...??? Not no what was going on I just kept slowing clipping in and then hoping I could finish....well just as I turned on to the grassy 1/2 mile hill finish I completely lost the pedal? I thought great game over....but instead I decided to finish one-legged instead of hoping of the bike and pushing in. I finished a disappointing 5th. place and held a 2nd. in the point series.

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