Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kisscross #1

John Meyers:

I participated in my first cyclocross race this past weekend in GrandRapids at Highland park and took First place for the team. I was a bit concerned about my mounting and dismounting skills since it had been a while since my last cyclocross race which was the famous SuperCup race series in 1999. It was held in downtown chicago.
This past weekend was awesome and it felt great to get back into a fun and challenging. A great course was prepared by Rick Plite (Mr. Lumberjack and Kisscross) and crew. The "A" race was a ten lap race for the "A" which I believed ended just under 60 minutes. I was able to a quick tire change on friday night thanks to my riding buddy Jeff Hamilton who loaned out a pair of his cyclocross tires. They worked just fine on my custom Quiring 29er. I am hoping to participate in a few more Kisscross races and the upcoming tailwind race in davisburg this weekend. I am hoping Jeff will loan out his cross bike for this weekend (need a bike with drops) so I can go and have some fun with Mike.
Thanks again go out to our sponsors..and "Q" for putting together such a dual-purpose bike.

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