Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Jason Lummis Cheq40 report:

Thursday am myself, Scott Q., Mike Simonson and Art Flemming left Quiring central Charlotte and headed for the bridge for the UP loop to Cable Wisconsin. We stayed the night in Ironwood and awoke to sleet and rain Friday am. We laid around till past 11am waiting to head to Cable. We arrived at the Telemark resort around 2:30 pm on Friday checked in and did a short preride of the last 12 miles of the course by ridiing out Spyder Lk road to just before the Seely tower high point starts. Mike was moving fast and smooth as he flew up the climb. I paced myself and felt good and ready for the next days race. We ran into the LaLaonde Bros and they rolled back with us to the finish. When I asked them the magic gear they both said 36x16 and felt comfortable hammering the gear was we rolled downed the Birkie trail. We then relaxed around the room eating pasta and walking downstairs for our number plates. In bed early and a good nights sleep was perfect for the 9am start. Temps where around 40 for the start. We road out to Rosies for a warm up and back to the van for final prep. I changed my mind to knee warmers at the last minute and got to the preferred start a lttle late and lined up around 50 deep. No worries since we had a long road leadout. We rolled out of town slowly and made the right hand turn onto 77 for the leadout to Rosies field. The pace was high and I slowly started to move up waiting for the yo-yo effect to stirng things out and I could move thru the gaps. About a mile before Rosies I jumped a wheel that was moving fast thru the pack staying to the outside right of the pack. The rider made some crazy dives towards the middle and I suddenly heard skreeching brakes and bikers hitting the asphalt at 30 MPH. I just rolled over the rear end of a spinning bikes rear wheel as I rode a huge nose wheelie. Down shift sprint, my goodness that is a huge gap to the front of the main field. I didn't panic and just hammered down. I rolled into the end of the main field that was strung out forever as I entered Rosies. Over the first rise and then I see the worst thing imaginable, the Simonster is off his bike and It looked to me like he was adjusting his front wheel, as Timmer was dancing around the field on 1 leg. I knew Mike would be back sans a major mechanical, he lost 8 spokes out of his front wheel, day over.
Across Rosies I pick off rider after rider, I see Marko Lalonde come by and try and weave thru the riders to catch him. Big packs start forming now and my moment is slowed due to the efforts to catch back to the top 30. I hear time gaps of a minute or so to the 2nd group and I find the 3rd group is a good place to recover in I say probably 20 at first then down to about 6 or so a few miles later. With a couple Hollywood bros racing on the front and MI local Niel S. sending off flyers trying to get the pace up. I generally just rolled through out the group trying find out the time gaps to see if we could make the jump to the next group. The gaps where getting larger and I wasn't going to waste myself trying to close the gap, so I sat in. The pace wasn't really hard and we were not slowing down, so we rolled towards Seely. As we approached the climb Neil seemed to be hurting a little and dropped off. Someone dabbed in front of me and 1 of our group was off the front climbing the Seely High point. I kept it smooth and hit the top with the 2 Hollywood bros, we picked up Tim Swift on the way down. 10 miles to go and we could see riders that dropped off the 2nd group. Now was the time to up the pace and try and pick off as many racers as possible. I went to the front and pushed the pace all the way, I gave the roadie flick to see if anyone hanging was going to be able to help. I got 1 helper but rolled past him on the next little hill (the 29er sure seems to do that to the little wheels). We past Tj Wooddruff as he fixed his flat, He flatted with the lead group and had to re-air up again a few miles later. I hammered down the last dirt road 3 miles togo and TJ is back. I eaze up to see what pace he has left in him and we hit the last little climb and I jamm up it in my big Ring passing Tj fly down the hill and up a little rise as I can see the finish flags, Tj rolls up next to me as we head down the hill. I sprint to the line and I think TJ just rolled in. I was happy that I felt strong in the end and placed 28th overall. This was my fastest Fat Tire race out of the 6 I have competed in. Not my highest finish, but differently a good result. It was a great weekend, except Mike's mechanical, and it was fun to hang out with My Wisco and Minnesota racing friends. The Ti/Carbon Quiring was the perfect weapon for this race, The Oakleys kept all the nasty trail debris from my eyes, My Stans wheels rolled fast, smooth and the tubless ride was just awesome. The Cilff shots kept my energy high, while the Adidas shoes and gloves protected and propelled me with confidence. Congrats to the BMan Brian Matter for his 2nd place and we will see all the fats guys @ Iceman.

The 3rd group forming:


Anonymous said...

simonson you better kill it

mike anderson

WPG said...

what happened at the race?

Unknown said...

Simonster, too bad i was on a 26".. i went down hard with you when the dreailer went in your spokes.. i'm still hurting but i'da given you my wheel. and i agree with your argtument with the dude on the ATV; it is a stupid start. next year.