Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Tony Torrance interview

Tony Torrance works for Pearl Izumi in the Design and Development Dept. Tony is an ex MICHIGAN resident, Michigan Tech graduate and past team mate of the Bells Team.

We asked Tony a few quick questions and he gladly took time from his busy schedule.

Tony with 2008 Olympic gold Medalist Sabine Spitz of Germany

1. You work for the _Design and Development department _ at Pearl Izumi ?
Excactly I help design and create shoes for PI.

2. Our team loves the P.R.O. MTB by Pearl Izumi, what have you done to the 08 shoe to make it better for 09 ?
For spring 09 we used our one piece upper technology and Direct vent from our Octane SL rd shoe for the P.R.O. mtb shoe. It's making the shoe about 40 grams lighter plus it fits better and looks super hot!

3. How has the riding been in Colorado ?
The riding in CO makes all the hard work to get out here worth it. This weekend we rode in Breckenridge. It was 65 degrees, sunny and aspens were changing colors. it doesn't get much better than that.

4. How is/was Interbike or Eurobike?
Eurobike was crazy. I met with Sabine Spitz and Jan Frodeno. The both won gold medals in our shoes. I even got to party with Jan Ulrich. That's three more names I get to drop on a daily basis. I leave for interbike tomorrow morning. That place is always crazy.

5. Can you comment on the PI CX shoe rumor?
Superlight, gore-tex (waterproof), thinsulate insulation, toe spikes, built in gaitor, felt insole. it'll make your feet sweet in all weather. All of that at it fits great. we'll be showing it at interbike. They're available through Pearlizumi.com or your local retailer can get them through QBP or Pearl Izumi.

6. What tires are you running @ ICEMAN this year ?
I'm going to use a 1.75in 29er tire... Brand is confidential.

7. Can Tom make the top 20 @ ICEMAN in the Pro class ?
He's been training super hard. He's hired Ex-Olympian Ann Trombly as his coach... Watch your back.

8. Will you make the BELLS SUNSET ON THE SEASON PARTY @ The Loading Dock ?

The 2009 CX race shoe !

The 2009 P.R.O MTB shoe !

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