Monday, September 15, 2008


2008 Chequamegon Fat Tire is done, Jonathan Page won. Great weather, course,competiton and friends. We await the 2009 edition.

Team results:
Jason Lummis 15th
John Meyers 26th
Erin Vicary 5th
Jason Aric Jones 475th
Scott Quiring 3 Hoplslams and 12 pints (Scott was the ultimate teammate handing out feeds at Seal Tower)

Garmin data from Lummis:

photos by:

The mass roll out !

Lummis and Michigan racer Ron Sanborn at the start

Jason hanging on to the leaders

Joberon getting ready to make his move.

Jason's last sight of the leaders as they head up the first of four inclines to the top of Sealy Tower.

Erin Vicary on her way to 5th place overall, on the only flat part to the top of sealy.

John Meyers making it to the top of sealy.

Great weekend, Chicago traffic sucks.
Up next CX race season starts this weekend with Tailwinds DBL UCI CX races, Iceman (in 1.5 months).

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