Sunday, June 29, 2008


TK lawless, TT, Elite 3rd.

Started the day with a nice 60 minute road ride to warm-up. I was able to get a later (5th.) start time which helps in TT's like lawless. I started great thru the low muddy section in the first mile or so and then into the second mile were I caught my 30 second rider....keeping the pace up high for the next several miles I was able to catch the next rider 1 minute 30 second rider about about mile seven, as I passed Jason he mentioned that there was still one rider up the trail. Onward I pressed with hopes of catching and potentially securing a win? Over the next two miles I thought I caught a glimpse of this rider but just as I was blasting down thru a few rougher stone sections I caught my rear tire and could sense that I was going flat...yep...about 1/4 mile later I was off the bike trying to throw some air in the luck..damm...time to start running and then the thought crossed my mind that maybe Robert would let me re-start. So I made it into the start finish and he agreed that the race was not a usac sanctioned race and that he would let me go again....Tube in rear tire...back to the start line as the sweeper I was off again...feeling great thru the first 8 miles passing carefully over the section were I flatted in my first attempt...up and into the whoop te dos.....I could hear thunder and heavy winds...damm....this is going to suck but I thought no I am lucky to have gotten a second chance and not a I rolled thru the last 2 - 3 miles things got very slick and slow...I put it into safe mode on the steep grassy off camber turns and was happy to finish the day in 3rd. ELITE.....Thank your Robert for the second roll around T.K. I had hoped to repeat a win which I took ten years earlier in 1998 on the same course. I finished up and spun down to Bristol, Ind. another 1 1/2 hours. The afternoon was spent working on the cottage (Birch lake) that I am selling and moving stuff up to the Cabin / cottage that sits on the North shore bluff...Much cheaper to afford and Lot's of cool factor
since it was built by the WPA in the 1930's.


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