Monday, April 21, 2008

Yankee Springs TT Top 10 for John Meyers

Great TT result for the team 7th. place elite. The warm-up started off with an easy spin from Richland Michigan with a couple jumps to try and get my motor started. I rushed around the start an offed my top and ipod to Ken my buddy at the Trek trailer...always great to check in. So I started in 2nd. position. As I approached the start line just before 10:00 I noticed that things had changed??? I shot up the hill were everyone was and found that the start had been moved and we were going to race in! Great! Level the playing field. I had a great time but just could not get comfortable on the bike??? A recent bike fit again revealed a few changes to the stem and seat height which I made on Friday. The changes did not work and made me feel cramped and restricted on the bike? So this was my second off-road ride of the year and feel very good about it! No complaints! Looking at adjusting the schedule slightly so that I can go out to Nationals (Masters Expert) in July with Joe and Erin. The season is very L O N G and the slow roll up is the best way to stay motivated in December for the Cyclocross State Championships and Nationals. Last year was a great year for me with a total of 27 races completed and 20+ top five finishes so this year will be very similar and the slow roll-up and lot's of motivation in December is most important!!!! Good Luck Jason, Erin and Joe this weekend!!! Take care and have fun!!!!

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