Thursday, April 10, 2008

Winter is over the racing Begins !!!!!!!!

Here is two of the first 2008 team interviews: Erin Vicary & Jason Jones


How was your winter ?
Great, though I'm not convinced it's over yet.
Living in a state shaped like a mitten, I guess I should expect to be pummeled by snow for at least half the year.

Thanks to a 4 week cycling hiatus right after Iceman (a 2 week adventure in Brazil, sandwiched between two weeks of doing whatever at home) I came into training raring to go. And then it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. It snowed so much that I found it difficult to make riding outside effective training this winter.
In years past I did most of my winter riding outdoors. This year I was on the trainer for what seemed like most of it...yuck! The height of my skills work was a four hour stint at Rays Mtn Bike park in Cleveland. Fun, but yikes... that's all?! Despite what might sound like a bunch of setbacks, I feel strong & quite confident that I'm prepared as best as can be for the upcoming season.
Hopefully my form & handling will continue to improve steadily this spring as I finally get out on the trails. I just can't wait to shed the layered-load-of-laundry look I've been sporting all winter, slip into something more comfortable like the new Bell's/Quiring Kit, & RIDE!

What are your goals for 2008 ?

Two top three's at national races: 1 NMBS + National Championships
Win 1 AMBC race
Repeat as MI USAC Expert/Elite Women XC Series Champion
Improve results for Triple Crown races

Favorite race event and why ?
My favorite race event isn't a particular race course, it's a format I guess.
I like the stage races.
I love XC, but I also really enjoy the bonus of it's flat out fast cousins: time trial & short track.

Favorite Bells Flavor?

Best thing about your Quiring bike ?
Can't wait to find out... the frame's being built up as I type!

Pizza or Burritto ?

Coffee or tea ?
COFFEE! Freshly ground & French pressed.


How was your winter ?
Interesting. I was doing winter biking and xc skiing up until the end of February. Then, in March, I had a 7 hour open-heart surgery to repair a birth defect in my heart. They stopped my heart for 19 minutes, but thanks to all that mountain biking, it started up again.

What are your goals for 2008 ? Racing or life !

My riding was taking a slow spiral down the past few years because of my heart. Due to my recovery from surgery, I can't ride again until the first week in June. While that sucks, I am psyched to see what I can do on the bike with a healthy, fully-functional heart.

Favorite race event and why ?

Probably Iceman in Traverse City. I like the terrain and the team Sunset on the Season Party the night of the race always rocks.

Favorite Bells Flavor ?

It depends on the season, but I am a big wheat beer guy and like Belgian Wits and German Hefes, so Winter White does it for me.

Best thing about your Quiring bike ?

Q knows 29ers. Before Q sponsored the Team, I had Seven Cycles build me a 29er. When I got it, I was disappointed. It climbed like a pig. It turns out that, despite their reputation, Seven didn't know how to handle the tight 29er trade-offs in geometry between ring clearance and tire clearance. Instead of bending the chainstays right, they just lenghtened them to accomodate clearance. When Q looked at what I'd been riding, he commented that the 'stays were way longer than they need to be. He tweaked the geometry on the new Ti 29er he built me. What a difference! It felt like I was on a jet compared to the Seven. Knowledge and skill trump marketing every time.

Pizza or Burritto ?


Coffee or tea ?

Peet's Major Dickason's Blend in the morning, Green Chai tea at 3pm.

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