Friday, August 27, 2010

Teammate Jason Lummis Severely Injured In Hit & Run

On Wednesday August 25th, our teammate Jason Lummis was riding his 20 mile commute by bike from his job at Great Lakes Cycling & Fitness in Ann Arbor to his home in Pinckney when he was struck by a vehicle around 9:00 pm & severely injured. The vehicle has been estimated to have impacted Jason at a rate of 50- 60 mph. The driver never stopped when they struck Jason & sent him into a ditch where he laid bleeding & critically injured until two motorcyclist found him. 911 was called & Jason was taken to UofM Hospital & has remained in the ICU to treat his injuries. He lost a lot of blood because of a vein punctured through his left gluteus muscle. That wound is 1" wide but of unmeasurable depth. He sustained many other injuries & fractures of the hip, pelvis, lower lumbar, & sacrum.

Today Jason will be getting a brace that goes from the neck to his upper hip area to stabilize his spine. It may still be too early to tell but so far it appears that his fractures could possibly be able to heal in time without any need for surgery. I spoke with his wife Kathy this morning and she says that the out pouring of support from everyone has been a huge uplift to Jasons spirit. We all appreciate everyones kind words, thoughts, & prayers for Jason & his family. It is helping!

Besides helping Jason we need to find him justice! We all hope the person that drove away after hitting him will come forward on their own and admit what they have done. The search will continue until they find this person and the vehicle. The police are looking for a FORD F250, F-350, or EXCURSION with a BROKEN PASSENGER SIDE MIRROR. PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT. Especially in the DEXTER-PINCKNEY AREA. Anyone with information about the crash or the driver of the vehicle that stuck Lummis should call the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department tip line at 734-973-7711.

Please follow our Team Facebook Page for updates on Jason's condition & the investigation.

Thank You!

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