Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update On Jason

He's going to be fine :o). He is out of ICU & in a regular room now. He is still heavily medicated for pain and it will be a long road to complete recovery but the bottom line is he's definitely going to make it there eventually! He is doing better than expected & getting better each day. Anyone that knows him, knows he's pretty darn tough & very determined. Both are qualities that will prove to be important in the months ahead. Amazingly Jason has has already managed to take some short, slow walks down the hospital halls & to the restroom with the assistance of a walker! Also he has to wear a special brace (wearing it in the picture) to keep his spine in place for a few months while his fractured lower back heals.

I'm not sure yet on how much longer he will have to remain in the hospital. I believe Jason said he could find out tomorrow when he may leave.

Thank goodness he has a lot of friends & a wonderful family to help him through this tough time. Him & his wife Kathy have definitely been touched by everyones support and really appreciate it.

I'll leave you with Kathy's own words...
"THANKS EVERYONE for all the support, thoughts & prayers! We R truly blessed it has been breath taking & heart warming knowing so many people care! Jason is going to be fine we R SO LUCKY & know it will be a long recovery, but we all know Jason he is a strong one & WILL be back in the saddle soon. God Bless each one of you for touching our hearts & making this very difficult situation so much easier! LOVE U ALL !!!"

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