Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Go Ahead & Give It A Whirl...

Sunday morning I met Sue Stephens & Co. out @Pontiac Lake Rec Area so she could do a lap on my Quiring 29er. I went for a quick hike ('quick' cuz she's fast-as-hell) while she rode & before I knew it she was done... girl was grinning ear2ear when I saw her :o)! That's usually a good sign right?...LOL! After wards in the parking lot Sue & I tried to chat but she was mobbed by a couple dudes she whizzed past earlier on the 29er. They must have asked her 30 questions "How'd ya get so fast?!" "How much do you ride?!" etc. It was pretty cute. Anyways, after the "autograph session" we did get a chance to shoot the breeze & while we were talking I happened to notice the folding chairs that were set out by her friend Pak's truck. The chairs said Tim Hortons on them & with that whole crew being from Canada I couldn't help but make a joke about it. Well, little did I know just how cool (Pak &) the chair was until he showed me: built in soft cooler under the seat, folds up small, has a shoulder strap, the whole chair weighs about a 1/2 lb, & it's black- my favorite color. He just gave it to me! LOL! Pretty sweet aye?! Hopefully next year I won't need it at any of the bike races 'cuz I don't plan on doing much spectating in the '10 season ;o)! Anyhow, back to my whole point of this blog entry... Sue really enjoyed the 29er experience & did a little write up about it on her blog.
Check it out @

Happy Thanksgiving!



onelegmatt said...

Another 29 convert.

Hell's Yeah!

(I got rid of my 26er's.)

Sue Stephens said...

Awesome seeing you on Sunday and still pumped about the ride. Thanks again it was a pleasure!!!!


Bri-Beron said...

B@T 29" M!