Monday, August 31, 2009

Tailwind USAC series Final race Stony Creek XC

Stop #9 of the Michigan USAC series:
Jason Lummis and Joberon raced this past sunday. The field was a little smaller than normal for the final race of the series. Jason finished 2nd with a last mile catch and pass of Greg Kuhn while Joberon rode steady and nabbed the 4th place stop ! Congrats to Christian Tanguy for winning the series again and also to Greg Kuhn for his continued improvement finishing 2nd in the series.


Stony XC Podium:

USAC MI series overall: Christian Tanguy 1st, Greg Kuhn 2nd and Jason Lummis 3rd
(best 6 of 9 races)

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tommy t said...

why does joey b look like he's under arrest?