Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Erin's 29er Built

I wanted in on the big wheeled fun that the boys have been having so this year Scott Quiring made me a custom 29er bike frame to fit my girly 5'6" frame. White Brothers made me a custom 65mm travel fork to compliment the "mini" geometry of the bike Scott built. The end result being a top tube stand over height that's just perfect.

I haven't been able to ride it yet (neck problems- long story...no riding most of the year for me) so I still don't know exactly what I'm missing. I do know that it's so pretty that it's actually driving me kinda nuts just staring at it all the time...LOL. Hopefully I'll be able to at least take it on the dirt roads to tool around a bit soon.

Girls riding 29er's is becoming more & more common. Heather Irmiger, the U.S. Womens 2009 XC & Marathon National Champ, rode to victory on a 29er on both occasions. Willow Koerber just came in 2nd & then won in the 2 most recent national XC races on her 29er. And I know I've seen Katie Compton aboard one this year. Might be something to these big wheels ;o).

If I don't get to truly test it out & race it this year there's always next year right?! YES!!! Always next year...



Andrea said...

She's beautiful, Erin!

Let's get together sometime soon, while we can still sit outside and wear flip-flops! :)

Erin said...

Thanks so much Andrea!

Deadwood night soon.
With the heaters on the deck & the bonfire pit we could probably wear flip-flops
sans (btw I hate the word "sans") a puffy coat for at least another month :o).
AND rumor has it there's Crooked "Creek" Tree there on tap now.

Lynda said...

Love the bike! Its really bad ass looking! I will be anxious to hear your review of a 29'er when you are back on the bike which is hopefully soon. I second a flip flop cooked ceek night at Deadwood soon!