Sunday, October 26, 2008


Jason Lummis:
Stans No Tubes just sent us some of the New RAVEN 29er tires. Basically they are the No Tubes Crows with more of a side knob !!!!! We also received some of the 35c tubeless ready Raven CX tires. So all you CX nuts take note. You don't have to buy super expense tires that require you to glue them onto your wheels anymore. this tire at 330grams is light and tubeless. I can't wait to try them out next weekend at the CX races in Ann Arbor Nov.1 and 2nd.

It took me about 6 minutes to install the CX tires on my ZTR 29er wheels. I pulled my tubeless valve stem out, mounted 1 side of the raven installed a 23c tube and installed the tire. Inflated it to about 40 psi (until the tire bead locked to the side wall). Deflated the tube removed one side of the tire from the rim and removed the tube. Installed the tubeless valve stem added 1 scoop of Stans No Tube liquid, re-installed tire and inflated to 30 psi. Did the No Tubes spin and shake and I was done. @ thereare plenty of videos to help you install the yellow tape and valve stem to make just about any rim tubeless.

The CX tire I was using tubeless = heavy

The new RAVEN 35c CX tire

23-45 psi 330gram all weather CX tire

Mounted to a ZTR 355 Stans No Tubes 29er wheel

Another view of the tire mounted

Next will be the new Raven 29er mounted to the front and a Crow on the Rear for the Iceman.

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Unknown said...

How did that combination work out? I'm looking at using it for a 50 miler where there could be some mud on the descents (climbs will be almost all fire roads). Thanks!