Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Jason Lummis attended the CX race in Belleville sunday. He finished 11th out 17 Elite CX racers.

photos by Terr Ritter Full Potential Trainning systems

Jasons report:

First CX race of the year is in the books, Performance wise it lacked some of the finer points of CX racing. I blew the start with a missed pedal and was lazy about moving up thru the field. The lack of running (non existing) in my preparation for the CX season left my hamstrings burning from the Barrier to Hill run up combo (sick and fun). I need to commit to the race alot more and remember that 1:00 is long but can be longer if not accelerating hard out of every corner. One good note was that I didn't have any mishaps with the barriers. My Dad and son Zack where what Matter would call "Super Fans" all day cheering me on as I humbly finished towards the rear of the race. Next race Vets Park CX Ann Arbor, it is a Saturday/Sunday event. Hopefully I can do both races, but I usually work Saturdays. Then The Big Event ICEMAN COMETH the following Saturday with a great Party that Joberon has gone overboard with the band for.

Ride hard and have fun


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