Tuesday, March 20, 2007

JOBERON goes to Spain

Joberon spotted sipping Sangria! Last week I headed over to the cycling mecca of Spain. The island ofMallorca to be exact. I suppose you could compare it to Tucson orSouthern Cal. It's loaded with cyclists from all over Europe escaping the cold wet weather for some warm sunny training conditions. I have been reading and hearing about Mallorca for years. I knew it had to be good as many pro and amateur teams visit the island during the offseason. Let's just say I was not disappointed. The trip was better than I had imagined actually. Mallorca, for most, is known as a huge party location. Similar to Cancun. This time of year, however, the island, it's hotels, restaurants and...motorists seem to cater to the cyclist. The hotel had a massive breakfast spread every morning. Everything from fresh breads, yogurts, granola, eggs, a variety of meats and loads of fresh fruit and fruit juices. Lots of coffee too. Post ride they had a pasta feed waiting forthe riders. It was fantastic. After a shower and nap, dinner was served.Fresh fish was always on the menu. Paella was served one evening and I nearly had to be airlifted out of the hotel restaurant. Needless to say, finding food was not an issue. As much as I rode, I think I actually gained weight on the trip. The riding was top notch. Directly from the door of the hotel you could hop on a beautifully built bike path that wound its way along the shoreline of the Med. If you felt like some flatter riding you couldstay closer to town. Otherwise, make a turn anywhere along the way and head for the mountains. The roads were heavenly. I swear the locals swept and washed the roads each morning. It was incredible. Passing motorists? Drivers are very friendly and courteous. And the further you are away from town the quieter it gets. I met my bike crazy friends Sven and Roberto on Mallorca. Also preparing for their upcoming season, let's just say they were highly motivated and on form. I was calling them climbing specialists all week as they wereripping my legs off. The climbs on Mallorca are world class. Of Eurostage race caliber. 5 to 10+ kilometer climbs (and descents) were everywhere once in the mountains. If I wasn't breathing out of myeyeballs I was enjoying one of the many amazing vistas. If you have the opportunity I highly recommend Mallorca. There's certainly something for everyone there. As much as I love mountainbiking, road cycling in such places really gives you a huge appreciationfor that discipline of the sport. If you've only ever ridden your roadbike in Southeastern Michigan it's no wonder you aren't a fan. I'm quitecertain I'd be more of a "roadie" if we had such terrain and conditionsin this area. Until then...see ya on the trails.I'd like to thank both Sven and Roberto for pushing me all week andmaking cry "mommy" on those climbs. I'm looking forward to next yearstrip. By the way, I did have a Sangria. Ok, maybe two. Sven made me doit! Good luck to everyone this season. Be safe and have fun.
---El Joberon

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Scott said...

Joberon..its good to see your not riding in slush

Lummis..I talked to Tilly today and told him he was the reason I started shaving my legs.