Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pontiac LK TT NORBA & Hanson Hills MMBA

Simonster crushes them at PLRA. Mike Simonson wins the PLRA TT NORBA race, easily. Jason Lummis finished 7th behind a tough field of Semi-pro's and Elites. Saturday was a great event held near Waterford MI.

John Meyers raced the Hanson Hills XC MMBA race this past Sunday. He finished 3rd and was in the mix the whole race.
Check out what John had going on:
Had a great race Sunday up at Hanson hills, raced comfortably with Nate and someone that got a free wheel from us. Anyways I had one crash in second lap w/ dropped chain. I was able to bridge back up to the two and then ramped it up for the third lap with hopes of dropping our wheel sucker but no luck. Going in to the last lap the ever so courteous Nate set tempo for the fourth lap, as we closed in on the final few short climbs to the finish down hill I jumped out and took control with the idea that I would lead out the sprint and not allow anyone past. Everything was going as planned until the last 300 yards, I new that as soon as I made the slight bend around the building and the edge of the 8 yard dumpster I could apply the turbo. I am not exactly sure what happened but I believe that I thought I had cleared the dumpster no problem but for some oddity the top of my shoulder was in exact alignment with a metal cleat at the top of the dumpster which I had as I had just started to rise of my saddle and upper body because the force of the hit threw me and my bike to the ground with Nate and the other guy jumping past me...Nate sat up to make sure I was o.k. and rolled in for second and I remounted and finished a very disappointing third. A solid 3rd for the team but not the win that I felt that I had in the bag.
Tough finish John -0-- Great job racing the Bells Brewery/Quiring Cycles team colors !

Jason Lummis raced the Cedar Creek RR sunday, also the MI Sate RR Championship. As any MTBer would do in a Road Race Jason was out front trying to keep the pace high. Cat 3 field sprint at the end and he finished somewhere !

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