Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sweet ride !!!!!

Jason Lummis: Wow what a great night ! I drove out to Q's shop in Charlotte and he built up my 29er last night. At 24+/- lbs the bike is quick and lively. We broke it in with a quick Charlotte backroad ride last night after the build. I have a pair of American Classics on order and a set of Egg Beater Ti pedals to lighten the bike up come race day. I was hoping for a trial ride today, but the weather said "ICE Storm", which meant another lovely day of not so sunny Michigan.

Speaking of races, only a month and a half away and the MTB races start. Starting with Paris to Ancaster ( ), then the Yankee Springs TT. The MI NORBA series starts off in May with the Whiskey Creek Stage race ( ). Until then I keep heading out with the Simonster and Joey B. on the weekends for some hammering miles, trying to squeeze in some hours during the week also. Talked with John Meyers the other day, he said is winter has been going well. Can't wait to race with everyone soon !

I am heading to NC in 2 weeks with the Kona Kids ( for a few days of trainning. Hopefully I will get to hook up with STEWY ( for a day or 2 also.
Sorry for the fuzy photos but all I had was my pic/phone. Posted by Picasa


Scott said...

soooo hot!

Pete said...

Looking forward to riding down in NC.

Brent Bookwalter said...

hope you have a rockin time in NC, wish i was gonna be here to rip it with ya. make scott put on some weight, that kid is like a toothpic. the bikes look hot.

later G,

Unknown said...

sweet two-wheeler man! can't wait unitl tomorrow when we're riding in the 70-degree weather of NC.


one of the Kona boys.