Friday, March 17, 2006

Pisgah NC

Jason Lummis
Pisgah North Carolina: Saturday the 10th I headed out to NC with the Kona gang. We arrived in the afternoon with warm temps and sunshine ! A quick 2 hr spin and 1 hell of a mile climb back up to the house ( 1 mile up and a few steep pitches) and we had the below view out the back of the house. Sunday was a warm MTB ride with some sustained climbs and bombing downhills. We stayed out for a good 4.5hrs +. Monday was the MT. Mitchel (6600 ft) road bike ride. 4 hours average speed 15mph, max was 47mph. This ride was fun as we climbed the blue ridge parkway out of Asheville. Stewy drove down from Banner Elk Monday night to ride with us and hang out for a few days. The Kona gang had their Power Taps and loads of info thanks to Terry Ritter (Full Potential Trainning). Tuesday turned into a long day of 5hrs on the MTB, but fun as we mixed it up with fire roads and trail. Wednesday was a good day as we hooked up with some more MI MTBers and had a group of 10 guys riding up to Black Mt. Thursday was the race home for me, as it was my wifes Bday and we had plans for the evening.

My QUIRING 29er review:
Prior to my trip to NC I had yet to ride my new MTB on any trails. As here in MI with the spring thaw, rain, rain and rain the trails where not proper to ride.
I was excited to ride the big wheels in some tougher single track trail. 1st mistake was forgeting my little ring at home. So I was stuck with my 44-32 up front with a 11-34 in the rear and no desire to buy something I didn't really need back home. So onto my review.
I was waiting to see if I would notice a big difference in the way the bike would steer in the single track, I am still waiting. I never noticed anything different from my 26 wheels to the new 29er. The bike did everything I asked of it and more. The NC Pisagh trails are rooted and rocky, my Quiring 29er made the small gaps between roots disappear. Smaller logs and water bars where easier to roll over, making my climbs a little easier. The hardtail was fine on the singletrack desecents and was super fast on any open runs.
Rating: My first days on a 29er A++++++
QUIRING Frame A+++++++++++++++ great bike, steel is real Fo sure.
My back blown out, man I wished I had a nice gear to spin up those 10+ miunte climbs

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