Monday, August 15, 2005

Stony Creek NORBA XC

I think everytime I race a Stony XC race it is wet, raining or just stopped. The course isn't really effected by the rain until the Pines single track. The corners are slick clay and the 1 wooden bridge is slimy slippery wet. The race started as usual with everyone off full out, heads down and hammering. A few guys tried to put it down and gap the field. There where 5 of us in the lead on the first 2 laps. Things changed and I wasn't riding smoothly, sliding in corners that I was ripping 2 laps earlier. Needless to stay 3 trees later I lost contact with the leaders and fell back to the chase 2. Couldn't find my rythm any more and just rode it home. Finishing 6th, I have 1 more MI NORBA race to make it in the top 5 overall in the FORD NORBA series. The race is at Pontiac LK (home of the Simonster), I like the course and plan on finishing in the top 5.
NEXT RACE is the ORE to SHORE ( )...... Jason L.

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