Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Great Lakes Triple Crown #1: Ore to Shore

Blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes, numbers just speak stronger than words, eh?

Ore to Shore Hardrock Male Division number of participants = 571

Bell's Team Individual Stats:

Derek Prechtl:
5th place overall/1st Place Michigan rider/99th Percentile
John Meyers:
8th place overall/98th Percentile
Jim James:
22nd place overall/2nd in 40-44 Age Group/96th Percentile
Jason Lummis:
23rd place overall/1st in 30-34 Age Group/95th Percentile
Dan Kotwicki:
26th place overall/3rd in 35-39 Age Group/95th Percentile
Mike Simonson:
27th place overall/1st in 25-29 Age Group/95th Percentile

All of the finishing Bell's Team Racers got either PAID or PODIUM!

All of the finishing Bell's Team Racers were in the Top 5 Percent of Racers!


Condolences to Team Rider Tony Torrance who had to DNF due to a torn tire sidewall.

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