Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Update On Jason's Recovery

Today was a rough day for Jason but it ended on a positive note! When I spoke to him earlier via texts he said pain wise it was his worst day yet. I checked in on him again later today & he said they had upped his dosages again & got the pain in check but he wasn't sure now if they would be sending him home from the hospital today. Well, about an hour ago I received a call from Kathy Lummis & Jason did indeed get to go home today :o)! Kathy said "It's so good to have us all back together in our home again! I'm so happy." She also stated again how much it means to her & Jason to know so many people care. To know that people are wishing Jason well day in and day out since the accident is very heart warming & has lifted their spirits to get through this difficult time. People are still trying to spread the word about the type of vehicle that struck Jason. Once again that vehicle is a 1999-2000 Ford F250, F350, or Excursion that has a broken passenger side mirror . People are also asking what they can do to help Jason & his family through this recovery... there has been a fund set up at PAYPAL :

Thanks again to everyone... I was very happy to report Jason is HOME :o)!!!



Anonymous said...

Besides the financial aid we are all so happy to be able to contribute, is there any other address to send cards, etc? Someone in recovery needs every little push..:)

Quiring MTB Team said...

Good thinking Damaris :o)

You can use this address to send cards & well wishes to Jason:

10500 Whitewood Rd
Pinckney MI 48169

Thanks for asking!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are home now Jason! I bet your family is overjoyed you are recovering. Everyone is thinking about you and wishing you well.

Michelle (Funk) Crossley
Austin, TX

M@ said...

So glad that Jason is recovering well!!!!

Matt B said...

Is there a paypal address we can send money to? Or can I help set one up? Making it as easy as possible for folks to give will help!

Quiring MTB Team said...

Matt B...No there is not a Pay Pal account set up for Jason. I'll look into this & if we do decide to set one up, I will post the info on the blog. There is (which I'm sure you already know) a fund set up @ the Lake Trust Credit Union & higher up in the comments above this I included an address to send cards & well wishes. Thanks so much for your willingness to help.


Jason said...

Thank God he's in recovery mode. Good luck to him, and thanks for the info on where to send funds and well wishes. Thoughts, vibes, prayers, and positive thoughts being sent your way. Get better!