Friday, July 02, 2010

Summer Fun

I'm not quite sure where to begin on this post. That's probably due to the fact that my last blog entry pertaining to riding was for the '08 edition of the Peak2Peak race . It's been a while since I've had anything to speak of in the realm of riding or racing because I had been injured for so long. It took forever & a day ( about a year & a half) to finally heal up enough that I felt normal... let alone well enough to throw my leg over a bike. I'm happy (<-- HUGE understatement) to say that I've been back in the saddle & riding consistently since the begining of June. Now, when I say I've been 'riding', I'm not talking about hill repeats or vo2 intervals. Hell no! Not yet at least ;o). I'm talking about cranking out pure enjoyment on the bike, in the woods, flying through the trees... just for the fun of it. That is exactly what Sue & I did the other day at Maybury.

Erin doing the fallen-tree-limbo.

Sue is cleared for take off!

We even scoped out S.E. Michigan's cycling expressway: Hines Dr.

Afterwards we chatted for hours over some cold one's. What a blast we had! I love my Bell's Boys and now having Sue on the team.... it just ROCKS! I can't wait until the day we get to line up together at a race. Until then though, these fun rides together will most definitely suffice ;o).

Cheers to riding with friends :o)!
Happy 4th of July! Have Fun & Be Safe!


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Andrea said...

So glad to hear you are riding trail again, Erin! Cheers!! :)