Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Fat Tire 2009

I tell ya, these point to point races are truly special. The more I experience
them the more I realize how unique they are. Whether you're racing
B-Matter( ) style for 1st or shooting for 501st, it's
impossible to finish without some great battle stories. I thoroughly enjoy blog
surfing the week after such events.

Erin and I set sail on Thursday morning for the long HAUL up to Hayward. Before we hit Chi-town we made a pit stop in K-zoo for lunch and stocked up on post race recovery beverages.
THANK YOU Bell's Brewery!

Not long after slogging through the big city traffic I received a surprise phone call from a old friend. Geri Lynn was back from some world travel and returned to her hometown of Hayward. Chequamegonville! The race weekend had now turned into a fun reunion as well. She and her family took great care of us and we can not thank them enough for their hospitality.

Friday, after a great nights sleep and a lazy lakefront morning, we packed up
for a little Fat Tire recon. Erin, who's still healing up, enjoyed a hike on some
of the sweet CAMBA trails while Geri and I rolled the first 10 miles or so.
Check out my new Quiring point-2-point assault weapon!

Memories from my first Chequam last year and nerves for this year started to
form as I bumbled along through Rosies Field, ripped up and down the Birkie and cruised along the dirt roads and trails towards Hwy00. The course was dry and hella-fast. The pre ride was followed by a quick clean up, race packet pickup and dinner at The Waterfront . Geri's family owns and operates this fine establishment. Try it next time you're in town. Be sure to ask for the twice baked potato's.

I awoke Saturday morning to a perfect morning on the lake. After breakfast I rode the 7 miles into town for a nice peaceful warm-up. I arrived to find swarms of eager cyclists. It's an incredible sight. I continued to roll around wondering if there'd be a spot for me at the start. I managed to squeeze in 3 rows back from the 4 wheelers. Similar to last year, some of the heavy hitters arrive fashionably late and roll up to the front next to the rumbling ATV's. Everyone nervous and white knuckled, the rollout parade through downtown Hayward began. I would guess I was in the 20's until we made the right turn towards Rosies and everyone hit the gas. We were roaring up the highway at 30+ with the Fat Tires-a-hummin'. I went from the 20's to the 40's and maybe even 50 riders back. I was struggling with the pace. There's fine line at this point. I may have had a little more juice to propel past a dozen riders or so but was it safe? It's insane! I held on and hoped for the best as we made the left into Rosies Field 40 back or so. Through the field and onto the Birkie it was full gas. I'd pass then get passed. It's war out there at this point and once again I don't remember much until we hit HWY00. I was with a group of around 20 that seemed to shrink with every passing mile. I could sense the Firetower Climb ahead and started to work my way forward in the group. I was in a good position at the base of the climb and immediately started to distance myself from other riders. Up ahead I spotted Mike Simonson(Fisher 29er Crew) and worked hard to bridge. Coming down the backside of Firetower it was myself, Mike and few others. A solid group that pushed each other to the end. In the final mile Simonson attacked hard and took the 3 others with him as I struggled. I rode smooth keeping them in my sights but couldn't get back onboard. Mike rolled in for that 15th spot with the other 4 riders grabbing 16th...17th...18th...19th and, finally, me just cracking the top 20 with 20th place.

I would say my performance was similar to last years Chequamegon ( I can't complain. I was, however, hoping to better my result which is only natural I suppose. I didn't do it though and that means I must try again. Since I managed to crack the top 20, it's a done deal. If a rider makes the top 20 here they are automatically registered for the following year. No hassle, no lotto. Which means I can start planning my trip to the north woods of Wisco immediately.

Thanks for reading. Have a great fall everyone!
And, I hope you enjoyed our Fat Tire "race" photos.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! I enjoyed the photos, but I figured out what i'm getting you for your birthday. A REAL CAMERA! Nice result. I'm coming next year. B@TM MO FO'S!

packfill said...

Joey... i tried to check out your new point to point assault weapon, but i couldn't for the life of me see a bike in that photo.

see you at the iceman.


stewy said...

man I cant wait for Iceman! sitting on the back of the van drinking bells. Thats the life!

Unknown said...

Hayward Girl Here, Geri Lynn!!! Nice pictures of my brothers' deer and bobcat. Next year your team needs to come over for a deer/venison spaghetti dinner at the lake house. You all can camp out there as well just bring the good tastn Bell's Beer. I have a few left over at my house that I'm savoring til I can find some more to restock my frig. Even my 2 brothers I live with are drinking it. My whole life I've only seen them drink miller lite or bush lite. Good job Bell's Beer for getting them to think outside the miller/bush box;)