Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Team socks

These 3/4 crew light weight merino wool crew socks will be available in the few weeks from the Bells Brewery General Store . The socks are made by Sock Guy and come in 2 sizes L/XL and S/M. They will also be available thru the MTB team at select events through out the summer !!!!


gwadzilla said...


we had some socks made
not really for our team
but a more DC sort of thing
with the DC flag and TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION on the sole

I gave some out at the National Bike Summit


I love cool socks

those would be great wedding socks!

Jason said...

any chance there are going to be any '08 caps available or do you have any .07s left? Thanks.

Quiring MTB Team said...

Hey Jason we will work on it, we have some wrist bands for $5 each 6" tall that dbl as beer coozies. I'll post up a pic soon !

Director sportif