Sunday, May 21, 2006

Whiskey Creek Stage Race --- MI NORBA race series Opener

The opening Michigan NORBA race series sponsored by the FORD motor company and Promoted by Tailwind Ent. was a blast. Held in middle western Michigan east of LK Michigan from Ludington at all sports camping area Whiskey Creek. Saturdays events where a noon time trial (1lap of the 5 mile xc course) and a 4pm 25 minute dirt crit (8laps of a short course), followed by a Sunday 10am 25 mile XC race. BELLS BREWERY / QUIRING CYCLES teammates John Meyers and Jason Lummis attended the race. The TT was won by youngster Scott Stewart of the RBS team, John Meyers rolled in 30 secs later and Jason Lummis another 25 secs back followed by Jimi McMurray for 4th. The afternoon Crit was controlled by John Meyers from the whistle. Jason Lummis tagged along for the ride while little Stewy bridged up. John dropped Jason on the last couple laps trying to shake Stewy from his wheel. Scott stuck on him like glue rolling in for 2nd still stuck to John's wheel. Jason another 30 secs back and gaining time on 4th place. John Meyers again took control of the XC race Sunday morning from the start, gaping the field with Stewy in tow. Jason settled in with a nice gap on 4th place on the GC with (XC race only racers) Pete Ehman, Justin Desilets and Scott Chambers for the 3 of the 5laps. Jason noted that eating breakfast 45minutes before the race start was not making his stomach feel so swell. Feeling the pace and realizing he had 3rd overall on the Stage Race he was dropped and rolled in for 6th place in the XC race. Little Stewy attacked John on the last lap to secure his victory and Johns 2nd place overall on the Stage Race and XC race.
Great Race John and Jason taking 2 places on the podium at the 1st race for the FORD NORBA series opener (a dbl points Stage race as well).

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Walker Thompson said...

Good to read about the Michigan race scene. Sounds like the opener was a success!

Walker T