Monday, October 24, 2005

Cannonsburg XC --- Rockford MI

The last MTB race in MI before the finale ICEMAN. The morning temps where a balmy 30 deg. Great race temps for a fun ski hill race. Cannonsburg has added more single track from the past few years (Alger/Founders racing team put a lot of time on the single track---THANKS). The course is a fun, tight and fast course. The sand was a factor in this race bogging racers down or directing them into the woods.
Bells racer Jason Lummis awoke early Sunday morning with the Flavor of Bells Obern still on his tongue (Poto SSWC where the day before and Jason indulged himself with cup after cup of the sweet nector of OBERON) and headed to Grand rapids. The Elite field wasn't large maybe 10.
Russ Tiles shot to the front followed by Scott "Stewy" Stewart and the rest followed as Jason tried to get going. By the end of the first of 6 laps Jason had caught up to Russ and Stewy who where playing cat and mouse. The pace would increase and everyone would hold on. After 2 more laps the beer wore off and Jason started to suffer has Todd F. caught on to the lead group. Stewy attacked up the ski hill and dropped Todd and Jason. Leaving just Russ and Stew to battle it out for the win. Jason attacked Todd and pulled away on the last 2 laps. Stewy bobbled on a steep loose single track climb and Russ buried it to the finishing barely holding Stewy off for the win. Jason cruised the last lap finishing well ahead of Todd F. and Craig Gietzen rolled in 5th.
Next MTB race is ICEMAN
Cyclocross this weekend in Ann Arbor at Vets Park and the week after Iceman is Dexters Hudson Mills CX races.
Live Life Unfiltered and enjoy......

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