Sunday, September 11, 2005


September in Michigan---- How about 85 deg and Hot !

PLRA---- The home of the SIMONSTER !!!!!! Course description is all single track, roots rocks and tight turns make this fast fun power course a great venue to weed out the less skilled racers.
The 10 am start time had temps around the mid 60's. The start of the 3 lap (1o miles per lap and 99.5% single track) was controlled by the Simonster, followed by team mates Jason L. (3rd spot) and Dan K. (4th spot). Mike put the hammer down and dropped everyone 2 miles in the race to never look back, he finished the 30 mile race in just under 1:55. Back in the race Jason L. and Dan K. Where racing for 2nd against Greg Kuhn (Whole Foods), the 3 rode all 3 laps together. Dan K. In his 1st Elite race fell off the pace on the last lap. Jason and Greg headed into the last 3 miles with Jason on the front not pushing the pace hoping DK could come back. Greg attacked before the last switch back climb and Jason hung on easily. Jason lost slight controls of his front wheel on the sand descent and Greg gaped him. Recovering Jason sprinted to Gregs wheel just has the hit the finishing shoot. Jason 3rd and DK 4th all 3 finished at 2:02 ---- Ya know the Simonster won!!!! FORDA NORBA SERIES OVERALL
STANDINGS (best 5 of 8 race series)

MIKE SIMONSON ----- 2nd place overall ELITE ( 4 races )
JASON LUMMIS ----- 3rd place overall ELITE ( 5 races )

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