Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bell's Beer Wins Stony Creek Xterra Race!

(Shelby Township, MI - July 10)

The Xterra Off-road triathlon started Sunday morning at 8am with athletes taking off on the swim in a gorgeous, flat lake with a huge crowd of spectators. With the neon green swim capped heads bobbing in the lake, the excitement of the day was just starting!

The bike course was just sweet - plain and simple, sweet. Fast, fun, super fast, and with just enough elements of surprise (you can read that to say - creek crossings, mud pits, etc) to make it challenging to the old pros, but kind enough to the middle- and back-of the packers. It twisted and it turned, and you could go for a bit just flying without even pedaling (not super fast - but you could go - it was SMOOOOOOOTH at places).

The run took you back on the start of the bike trails and then off onto more awesome single track that you missed on the bike. It was six miles of short ups and downs and stream crossings and fun! But watch out for your shoes!

Bell’s Beer’s Jim James smoked the mountain bike course, which gave him a comfortable 2-minute lead over second place. During the run, he extended his lead to three and a half minutes to secure 1st place overall honors!

If you to race your mountain bike and win…you got to deal with the Bell’s Beer team.

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