Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Hot day at Hanson Hills

Sunday June 5th was a hot day to race in Upper/lower Michigan. Temps reached 85+ deg by then end of the 3 lap 28.5 mile race. Hanson Hills is a great course and this years new trail made it even better. With the unfair advantage of racing our TREK TOP FUEL's , The BELLS Team showed well today in the heat. TC resident Derek Prechtl finished a strong second place to a FIT Rob Cotton. Rob has been doing great in the NORBA Pro class and one of the nicest racers in the field. Jason Lummis finished 5th and John Meyers followed him in with a 6th place finish. Dan K. pulled off the win in the 30-39 Expert class. Riding solo for most the race. Dan was the man today, even more amazing is that he works Saturday Nights at the Necto ( a club/bar) in Ann Arbor MI. He gets a few hours sleep as he is driven to the race. Mad man Dan K.....
Next race Whiskey Creek Stage race (MI local NORBA race) on June 11-12th.

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