Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nike Freeride Shoes

Shoe design has been a passion of mine ever since I first saw Run DMC runnin around stage with their Adidas superstars. I've been fortunate enough in my position in the Trek Bicycles Advanced Concepts Group, to design this freeride shoe for Nike Cycling. It is easily the most exciting thing I have done in my career. I drew design inspiration from old school Nike Dunk sneakers and current day skate shoes. The shoes have the Nike skate gummy sole that has been stiffened for use with flat pedals only. They have an asymmetrical design. Essentially the inside of the shoe climbs up higher over your ankle for crank protection. I was able to work with Nike's newest freerider Andrew Shandro on both the look as well as the function. His feedback has been super positive. They are going to be great shoes… available late august 05... Please buy them!

Tony T. Bells Beer team member.


Yaroon72 said...

How much are they gonna cost

Yaroon72 said...

Will they be avaible in Europe to. (Holland)??

Thanx in advance.