Friday, June 08, 2007

Hanson Hills XC

Joberon and John Meyers attended the Hanson Hills XC, a MMBA CPS race on the 6th of June. On a hot MI sunday the starting field lost a few participants in the 40 mile 4 lap XC race. Joe and John finished 2/3 on a very nice course, that turned into a mudfest only minutews after the Elite/expert race when rains showers dumoed huge amounts of water on the sport/begginer racers.

JOBERONS race report

Hanson Hills(03June2007)
Grayling, Mich.

I decided to attend the Hanson race mainly due to the course. I like it.
Beautiful rolling terrain and single track for miles. Almost 10 per lap to be
exact. The elite men did 4 which made for a lengthy event. A baby Lumberjack if
you will. I wasn't feeling too spunky. Weak coffee I suppose. That in mind and
the extra mileage of the event, I chose to keep things a little more chill on
the early laps. Good thing as lower back pain and muscle cramps were setting in
late in the race. Christian T. took the hole shot and led us up the first climb.
Myself, John and Randy were only able to hang for a few miles as we watched him
drift out to sea. From there we rode it out taking turns at the front each lap.
Going into the final lap Randy had a lower back meltdown and John and I were
left alone like a couple of bobbing Oberon bottles in a cooler. In the end I
rolled in for 2nd Johnny M. for 3rd. Good times once again on the Quiring 29er.
You have to try one these thangs!


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