Friday, June 08, 2007

Dropped @ PLRA

Dropped at PLRA June 07, 2007

Last night I was beaten on my own turf. My bro Brian and I met up for, what I
had thought, was to be a nice easy lappy dappy. Still feeling a bit worked from
Sundays effort I was looking forward to leading Bro-Bri-beron on a casual
spin-a-roony. We met up at the halfway point of the trail. Bro-Bri-beron,
already with a half a loop in the legs, waited patiently as I suited up. We took
off and I immediately took the lead and was on point setting tempo. Going
through the switchback turn section and into the hills Bro-Bri-beron seemed to
be in difficulty. I was able to create a small gap of about 15 seconds. It
didn't last however as late lap traffic would force me to slow. After a bobble
in some slick mud Brian made a cheeky move and attacked. Knowing the final climb
was just around the corner I was not concerned as my lightweight Quiring 29er
propelled me up the hill and back onto his wheel. After arriving at the
trailhead I thought it was time for Brian to experience the magic of the new
machine. We switched bikes and set off on Brian's second lap. Still my first.
Again, I took the lead expecting Brian's untrained carcass to crack at any
moment. Coming into the large climb my tire spun out and my bro, atop the big
wheels, blew by. I reacted quickly as he lead us up the hill. This is where
things went...downhill for me. We crested the top, began the descent and from
there it was bye bye Bri-beron. At first I thought he was just giving the Q29er
a little test. "This won't last" I said to myself as I chuckled. A few minutes
went by and I was still riding alone. Both my bro and my bike were out of sight.
I crossed the paved road and decided to wick up the pace. Knowing my car wasn't
too far away, I didn't have much time to save face. I worked hard to real him in
only to find him stopped and waiting for me at the airfield road crossing. He
was grinning ear to ear and said "I feel great! I want to keep riding." I was in
difficulty but forged ahead. Once again watching as my brother and my bike
drifted away. "Yahoo!" I hear coming from afar. "This is great!" Brian yelled as
I struggled. Being the big bro and..."experienced" cyclist I thought I would
ride with Little Brew Brew back to his vehicle. Upon arrival, with my tail
between my legs, I asked..."would you drive me back to my car?"

Bro Bri-beron - 2 laps, Joberon - 1 lap. The winner: The Quiring 29er.

Have fun everyone. Thanks for reading.


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