Friday, October 12, 2007

Stony Creek CX

Joberon and Jason Lummis attended the CX race at Stony Creek Metro park put on By Tailwind Ent. and sponsored by Paint Creek Bicycles.
Joe raced the "A" race and Jason raced in the Master 35+. Joe ended up 15th and Jason 6th for their forst cross race/practice of the year.

Joe out of the barriers:

Jason in line:

Joberon report:
Stony Creek CX I wonder if Jeff Weinert(Giant) thought there would be people swimming and laying on beach towels course side as he came up with the torturous Stony Creek CX layout. Each season I try to get a couple cross races in. They are excellent training and super intense. The last time I attended the Stony event there was snow and ice everywhere. The beach was frozen and rideable and there wasn't much post race hangin' out. Things were a tad different this time around. I had the steel Quiring 29er all laced up with some skinny cross tires and a rigid fork thanks to my buddy Keith and Paint Creek Bikes. I did a couple warm up laps and tried out the barriers. It wasn't pretty but enough to get by. I wasn't feeling too spunky but I figured most weren't due to the heat. I managed to get into the second row which resulted in a pretty good start. The bike was like a rocket on the pavement and through the first bit of grass. Up, down, left turn, right turn. BRAKES! Turn again. Up. Down. I was hovering in the top 10 when we hit the first, and only, set of barriers. Not too shabby. Then I came upon a volleyball court. What is this?! Dismount-run-jump back on. That hurt. Back on the bike I was trying to get comfortable. When suddenly, I came across another sand volleyball court. Wait! Was it the same one? This time I managed to ride through. Cool! I looked up the course and saw the leaders fading away. I also saw THE BEACH OF DOOM looming ahead. Unrideable(unless you're Christian Tanguy-American Cycle and Fitness) loose HOT sand. I made a weak attempt at running this section. Behind me I could hear guys gaining. Back onto the grass and on my bike I pedaled my way through to start lap two. Ouch! Each lap that ticked by was like another punch to the gut. About halfway through the 60 minute race I was blown. Riders would pass and I couldn't respond. I tried to find a comfortable pace so I could finish and not get injured on the barriers or rolling around on the beach. I did finish. 15th out of 20ish. Not too good. The ice cold Bell's Oberon as I crossed the line...VERY GOOD. In the end the bike was awesome, the course was super tough but sweet and the day was just perfect. A great way to officially say goodbye to summer. Thank you Robert and Tailwind, Keith and Paint Creek Bicycles for supplying us all with great racing action and superb post race recovery food and beverages. Joberon

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