Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kisscross #2

John Meyers attended the CX race this past saturday in Lansing finishing 3rd in the A race.

KissCross #2, Adado Park, Lansing Michigan #2,

3rd. place "A" race!

This past weekend was filled with opportunities to race close to home in the Third Coast Metro Trek in Kalamazoo, KissCross in Lansing and Pando up in GrandRapids. I had this superman thought that I might be able to do all of them but settle on just one race the Kisscross #2 in Lansing. With a bad sprained ankle from the previous Sunday I changed plans from doing the Adventure race in Kalamazoo due to potential for hazardous terrain and instead settle on the cx race with limited running and dismounting. The race started very well with Don Cameron drilling for the first lap with myself and Brett Robinson in tow. Don rolled thru a couple turns and I jumped up ahead to lead a lap. During the next couple laps I sat behind but during the dismounting I was beginning to feel my ankle and that began to concern me so I began to drift off the back. Don and Brett had a close battle the entire race with Brett jump out for the win at the top of the bridge. Maybe someone has a pair of trick carbon sew-ups and dugast tires they are not using for a few weeks. I heard they are fast and light!Lot's of fun and an easy drive over and back. Thanks Rick! I am Looking forward to Freemont in two weeks! Have fun if I do not see you at Stoner Mike, Joe and Jason!

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