Sunday, August 26, 2007


Maybury MMBA CPS #6, 08-25-07

Not much to report about the above race. I did start and finish but not with a smile or a sense of accomplishment. I did race and finish in the Elite class. I felt good the entire race except for some minor tightness in the lower back. I was hoping to hang in with my fellow competitors for the entire race but with two crashes in the second lap I chose to race a conservatively. I put it in tourist type training race mode. My heart rate never exceeded 120 bpm. I am happy that I did not let up and roll off course after the 2nd. lap and head home but rather finish. I kept hoping and trying to have some fun.....not. My interest in a NON fitness course have reached a new low. These types of races which this one in particular should only be run as a time trial and not as 5 lap, 35 mile single track marathon. Maybe someday courses like the Mike Cool Big Lap, Whiskey Creek, Crystal Mountain Resort, Schuss Mtn. Shanty Creek and Cannonsburg will return as the standard of true mountain bike racing fitness much like what the Triple Crown represents. Hoping to hear if my connection the stop #2 of the Triple Crown is going to come thru for me!

Im still just a rat in a cage!

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