Monday, October 19, 2009

Mike Anderson reports !

Mike Anderson checks in after the Boyne "State" championship race and the Peak to Peak races:

Boyne "State Championships" and Peak to Peak wrap up

After another disappointing Chequamegon I was eager to get back to the races. The Boyne Mountain Michigan State Champions was the next race on the schedule. There was a pretty descent field for a soggy day at Boyne Mountain, I took the lead early and never looked back, and came away with the Brent Walk state championship. Boyne is great course and we need to have more races there.

START of Peak to Peak

Manderson vs Simonster !

The Crystal Mountain Peak to Peak XC was next, this was a fun event last year and was great training before Iceman. it went down the same as last year with Derek Graham, the Simonster and me at the front. We swapped pulls through the insane lap traffic for a few laps until Derek and I got caught up with a lapper, throwing both of us to the deck. I jumped back on and bridged to the Simonster. We swapped pulls for another lap until the Simonster stayed true to his name and put in a good surge at the bottom of the climb. I let him go knowing i could close it by the top. The gap was about 10 seconds at the top going into the single track downhill. But there were still a few stubborn lappers in the way, this dude just would not let me by, and basically ended my race for me, kind of a bummer...
This is a fun race, but they have to change something to fix the lap traffic.

It was nice to have my Steel Quiring machine back and working, thanks Scott!
See ya at Iceman!

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