Sunday, July 15, 2007


Bells Racers Simonster and Joberon had some fun this weekend @ Ruby Campground. The trail is a tight, twisty and fun course. With the added dbl water crossing every lap the racing was always changing........ The Simonster took his great form and made the race a quick tune up before heads out to Vermont for a National Series Race. Mike beat out all competitors for the win, gapping ACF rider Christian Tanguy at the end. Joberon maintained his top 3 overall in the MI USAC series from Tailwind Enterprises with a 5th place finish at Ruby.

Race reports:


I wasn't sure if this race was going to be a good idea the week before the US National Championships, but I couldn't resist knowing there was a MTB race going on only 1 hr from my door step with perfect weather in the forecast. I knew Christian (ACAF) was going to be tough as he's a maniac in the tight single track, but I was up for the challenge on Michigan's toughest single track course. I took the hole shot and Christian was right on my heels. I wanted to see how far I could push myself, so I upped the pace higher and higher on each lap, but there was no shaking Christian. I could get small gaps here and there, in which Christian would easily close down whenever the trail got tight. I eventually was able to drop him about 500 yards from the finish to take the win. It was another close one. I felt strong on the bike the entire race and never really blew up which is a good sign that my form is right on the money for next weekend! Who says 29ers are built only for fire road courses. The Quiring bike performed flawlessly in the tightest of the tight single track.
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Next big races... USA XC Championships, Wilderness101, Ore to Shore, Shenandoah 100, Chequamegon, ICEMAN!!!


I wasn't too confident going into the Ruby XC. It's super technical and isn't a course that suits me. I was on the fence about doing the race all week. I ended up going and having a pretty good time. 5th place on a race course that normally isn't my bag is cool with me. I figure if I want to improve my skills, what better way than to throw myself into some the most twisty techy stuff around.The start went well as I was 3rd wheel and hanging onto Christian's(American Cycle & Fitness) wheel. My teammate Mike was leading the charge and eventually was off the front taking Christian with him. After lap 1(of 5) Greg(KLM) and I were together working for that 3rd spot. After an early race crash,Kyle(Cyclefit) made an incredible comeback and joined Greg and I for the 3rd lap festivities. A couple of bobbles later by yours truly and a small gap was formed. I tried hard to chase back during lap 4 and tuckered myself out. Lap 5 I was just surviving and managed to hang on for 5th. The good news is that I was feeling good following a single track wizard like Greg around. In the end it was the tired legs that got me. The Quiring 29er and the Stan's setup ripped through that course like a diesel powered combine. Great job to all who raced.

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I just wanted to say thanks for coming out and syaing such kind words about our course. I made a video and its on both You Tube & MySpace. If you guys see any toher videos along the way that interest you please feel free to post them here, I really like kowing that my videos are fun to watch for all not just a certain group. Ill see you guys soon, Have a SAFE and succesfull race out East! Mike.