Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Simonster report

photos by Dan Dewitt
Iceman/season wrap-up: I would just like to say a big thanks to Bells Brewery this year for helping us have an awesome season. Thanks goes to Scott Quiring for building a super bike. And of course a thanks goes out to my wife Mitch for sacrificing our social lives for the benefit of the cause. She supports me at all the races and always has my pasta ready for me when I roll into the driveway after the long hours on the bike. She takes care of everything and really makes it possible for me have the time I need to train and rest. The Iceman was my first bike race 7 years ago, and I've been on a quest to win it since. The race is legendary and it's a huge honor to have my name on the winners list. It's always a strong field and due to the high speed and short length, it requires a little bit of luck to win. I actually crashed on the same exact stump Brian crashed on in the warm up and I thought to myself," someones going to hit that thing in the race and stack it up." So I made sure I was on the front going into that section. After that, I just got the big wheels rolling and the rest was history. I definately felt it in the end how hard I had gone in the beginning. If it had been another five miles longer, I'm not sure I would have pulled it off. Tristan and Brian were both riding strong and are tough competitors as always.

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